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Opportunities for Portuguese Study

The following Portuguese courses may be used to fulfill the language requirement or as electives at SFA:

ILA 111. Elementary Portuguese I - 4 semester hours, 3 hours lecture, two 1-hour laboratory periods each week. Lab fee $10. Introductory study of Portuguese language and culture of Brazil, with speaking, listening, reading and writing practice.

ILA 112. Elementary Portuguese II - 4 semester hour, 3 hours lecture, two 1-hour laboratory periods each week. A continuation of Elementary Portuguese I. Prerequisite: C in ILA 111 or equivalent. Lab fee $10.

ILA 211. Intermediate Portuguese I - Continued development of oral expression and listening comprehension with increased emphasis on reading and writing skills. Prerequisite: C in Elementary Portuguese II or equivalent.

ILA 212. Intermediate Portuguese II - Cultural and literary readings, composition and grammar review. Prerequisite: C in ILA 211 or equivalent.

Students may also join SFA's study abroad program in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, Summer I, 2012. Contact: Dr. Jeana Paul-Urena, 936-468-4304.

Study Abroad in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil