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Trainings Offered

Lumberjacks Care provides a variety of trainings and presentations for classrooms, faculty/staff meetings, community events, or any occasion.

Trainings provided by Title IX:

Know Your IX- This presentation is a great place to start for an understanding of Title IX and its presence on our campus. Participants will gain an understanding of the federal civil rights law and how the Lumberjacks Care team provides services and support for those who are impacted by discrimination on the basis of sex.

Title IX Rights and Responsibilities- This presentation focuses on the details and intricacies of Title IX law, the investigation process, and what this means for faculty, staff, and students as mandatory reporters.

Trainings provided by the Office of Violence Against Women

Bystander Intervention & Relationships

Bystander Intervention- This presentation discusses the topic of being an involved bystander that can help prevent sexual assault by using tried-and-true intervention methods, including the CARE process. Also included is how to encourage bystander intervention at every level of community, from the individual to society as a whole.

One Love Escalation Workshop (minimum length of 90 minutes) - This presentation features a 45-minute video depicting the rise and fall of a college relationship, with a discussion afterwards on observing problematic relationship practices, how to spot IPV (intimate partner violence), and some bystander intervention.

Healthy Relationships- This presentation features qualities of healthy social relationships and how to maintain them, contrasted with qualities of problematic or abusive relationships, and resources for those that are unsure about/stuck in a potentially abusive or unhealthy relationship.

Sexual & Domestic Violence

Sexual Violence- This presentation discusses the many types of sexual violence, characteristics of perpetrators, and relevant statistics for our campus, while also providing resources for those who have experienced sexual violence, as well as those with loved ones who have experienced sexual violence.

Domestic Violence- This presentation, similar to the Sexual Violence presentation, discusses the types of domestic violence, perpetrator characteristics, trends and statistics for SFA college students/faculty, and resources for survivors of domestic violence.

Stalking- Similar to the Sexual Violence and Domestic Violence presentations, with an emphasis on stalking behaviors.

Other Presentations

Sexual Wellness- This presentation features information on safe sex practices and consent (paired with a demonstration of contraception usage, on request), statistics and resources for STIs, and the connections between sexual wellness and the other dimensions of wellness.

Custom Presentation- Have a specific Title IX topic you'd like to discuss? Let us know, and we can work with you to make a presentation that fits your needs!

Book a Training

If you're interested in any of these trainings, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact the Title IX Office at or (936)-468-8292 or contact Dorothy Jackson-Tubbs at for more information.

Note: Each presentation lasts about 45 minutes (some can be shorter on request) and we will need a laptop/desktop with Internet and projector/TV for engagement.