Stephen F. Austin State University

Who's My Buyer?

If you do not find your department listed below, please contact Diana Boubel, ext. 4037.

Procurement Specialties

If you have a question about procurement specialities call or click below to send an email.

Specialty Contact Ext.

Campuswide Contracts

Amberr Melo 4472

Computer Equipment

Leah Gentry


Consultant Contracts

Diana Boubel



Leah Gentry



Diana Boubel



Brittney Goad



Amberr Melo


Department Purchasers
Department Contracting Specialist/Buyer
Academic Advising Amberr Melo
Academic Enrichment Center (Brophy Center) Amberr Melo
Accounting Leah Gentry
Admissions Amberr Melo
Agriculture Leah Gentry
AHEC Leah Gentry
Alumni Association Amberr Melo
American English Language Inst. Amberr Melo
Art Amberr Melo
Art Gallery Amberr Melo
Athletics Amberr Melo
Audit Services Amberr Melo
Biology Leah Gentry
Board of Regents Office Diana Boubel
Business Communication and Legal Studies Leah Gentry
Career Services Amberr Melo
Campus Recreation Amberr Melo
Center for East Texas Studies Amberr Melo
Center for Teaching & Learning Leah Gentry
Central Stores Leah Gentry
Charter School Leah Gentry
Chemistry and Biochemistry Leah Gentry
COE Assessment & Accountability Leah Gentry
COE Student Services & Advising Leah Gentry
College of Business Leah Gentry
College of Education Leah Gentry
College of Fine Arts Amberr Melo
College of Forestry & Agriculture Leah Gentry
College of Liberal & Applied Arts Amberr Melo
College of Science & Math Leah Gentry
Computer Science Leah Gentry
Controller Amberr Melo
Dean of Student Affairs Amberr Melo
Dean's Office, Nelson Rusche College of Business Leah Gentry
Dean's Office, James I. Perkins College of Education Leah Gentry
Dean's Office, College of Fine Arts Amberr Melo
Dean's Office, Arthur Temple College of Forestry & Agriculture Leah Gentry
Dean's Office, College of Liberal & Applied Arts Amberr Melo
Dean's Office, College of Science & Math Leah Gentry
Development Office Amberr Melo
Disability Services Amberr Melo
Early Childhood Lab Leah Gentry
East Texas Historical Association Amberr Melo
Economics & Finance Leah Gentry
Educator Certification Leah Gentry
Elementary Education Leah Gentry
Employee Wellness Amberr Melo
English Amberr Melo
Enrollment Management Amberr Melo
Environmental Science Leah Gentry
Faculty Development Center Amberr Melo
Faculty Senate Amberr Melo
Financial Aid Amberr Melo
Forestry Leah Gentry
Forest Resources Institute (FRI) Leah Gentry
General Counsel Amberr Melo
Geology Leah Gentry
Geospatial Center Leah Gentry
Government Amberr Melo
Graduate Office Amberr Melo
Graphics Shop Amberr Melo
Health Services Amberr Melo
Heritage Research Center Amberr Melo
High Impact Practices Leah Gentry
History Amberr Melo
Human Resources Amberr Melo
Human Sciences Leah Gentry
Human Services Leah Gentry
Institutional Assessment Amberr Melo
Institutional Research Amberr Melo
International Studies & Programs Amberr Melo
Information Technology Services (ITS) Leah Gentry
Kinesiology Leah Gentry
Languages, Cultures & Communication Amberr Melo
Library Amberr Melo
Mass Communications Amberr Melo
Math & Statistics Leah Gentry
Management, Marketing & International Business Leah Gentry
Military Science Amberr Melo
Multicultural Affairs Amberr Melo
Multi-Disciplinary Studies Amberr Melo
Music Amber Melo
Nursing Leah Gentry
Orientation Programs Amberr Melo
Physical Plant Leah Gentry
Physics & Astronomy Leah Gentry
Pre-professional Programs Leah Gentry
President Diana Boubel
Printing Amberr Melo
Procurement & Property Services Amberr Melo
Psychology Amberr Melo
PWCC Leah Gentry
Registrar Amberr Melo
Research & Sponsored Programs Amberr Melo
Residence Life Amberr Melo
Safety Amberr Melo
School of Honors Amberr Melo
Secondary Education Leah Gentry
SFA101 Amberr Melo
SFA Press Amberr Melo
Social and Cultural Analysis Amberr Melo
Social Work Amberr Melo
Soils Lab Leah Gentry
STEM Center Leah Gentry
Stone Fort Museum Amberr Melo
Student Affairs Amberr Melo
Student Affairs Support Service Amberr Melo
Student Center Administration Amberr Melo
Student Government Association Amberr Melo
Student Publications Amberr Melo
Student Rights & Responsibilities Amberr Melo
Teaching Excellence Center Leah Gentry
Telecommunications & Networking Leah Gentry
Texas Folklore Society Amberr Melo
Theatre Amberr Melo
University Affairs Systems Support Amberr Melo
University Marketing Communications Amberr Melo
University Police Department (UPD) Amberr Melo
VP Academic Affairs / Provost Amberr Melo
VP Advancement Amberr Melo
VP Finance & Administration Amberr Melo
VP University Affairs Amberr Melo