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P-Card Training

P-Card Training

P-Card Training is mandatory and consists of two modules. Not all cardholders will need both modules. P-card refresher training is mandatory for cardholders every 2 years. Contact the P-Card Coordinator if you have questions about which training you need to attend.

This training is held in the Procurement Offices. Click the Procurement Home menu for a map of our location.

P-Card Procedures Training

New cardholders will be issued their card at the conclusion of this training only if the Applicant has a photo I.D. for verification and identification. In addition, department heads must receive this training before cards can be issued to department personnel or within 30 days upon assuming new department head duties where cards already exist within a department.

If you do not have a p-card but are interested, a training session is a good way to gain a full understanding of procedural requirements.

P-Card Transaction Detail Entry in Banner

Each p-card transaction must be detailed in the Banner system with description and FOAP information. Not all cardholders enter detail, or detail may be entered by someone who is not a cardholder. This training is mandatory for anyone entering detail information.

P-Card Refresher Training

P-Card Refresher Training is required for all cardholders every 2 years. The P-Card Coordinator will notify cardholders when their refresher training is required along with instructions on how to sign up through myTraining. Employees may also monitor their own training records through myTraining.

Cardholders will participate in small quizzes throughout the online training modules, and must pass a final test with a grade of 80 or higher.

How to Register for Training

To sign up for any of the above training:

For questions about the MyTraining program please contact Human Resources, 936.468.2304.