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Doing Business with SFA

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Best Value Procurement

SFA purchases goods and services on a best value basis. Purchasing guidelines are governed by Texas Education Code 51.9335 and University policies and procedures approved by the University's Board of Regents. Stephen F. Austin State University is an independent university, and is not part of any system.

Procurement Cards

University departments have the ability to make limited purchases up to $3,000 with a university procurement card.

Purchase Order General Terms and Conditions

Click to view SFA's standard Purchase Order General Terms and Conditions.


If a procurement card is not used, an official purchase order is the only method for the purchase of goods obligating payment on behalf of SFA. The university assumes no liability for payment of obligations except those incurred in accordance with current purchasing policies and procedures. To ensure prompt payment the purchase order number must be referenced on shipping labels and invoices. In accordance with state law, standard payment terms are Net 30 upon receipt of goods or correct invoice, whichever is later. Early payment with a discount may be negotiated. Late fees will be paid in accordance with the Prompt Payment Act of Texas.

Tax Exempt Status

SFA claims an exemption from taxes under Subtitle E, Chapter 151, Section 151.309 of the Tax Code, for the purchase of tangible personal property.

Tax Exempt Letter
Texas Sales and Use Tax Exempt Form

Fraud and Ethics

SFA maintains policies regarding fraudulent or unethical conduct that establish examples of acceptable and unacceptable conduct as well as procedures and responsibilities for detecting, reporting and resolving instances of known or suspected fraudulent activity, and prescribe a coordinated approach toward investigation and resolution of fraudulent activity. Click Ethics for more information.

Prevailing Wage Complaint Procedures

Complaints, including a complaint by a worker, concerning an alleged violation regarding payment of prevailing wage rates at the rates stipulated by the contract shall be directed to the SFA Physical Plant Director who shall make an initial determination as to whether good cause exists to believe that the violation occurred. This determination will be made within 30 days of the receipt of the information. Stephen F. Austin State University shall not make a final payment to the vendor if any complaint is pending.

Physical Plant Director
P.O. Box 13031
2104 Wilson Drive
Nacogdoches, TX 75961
Fax: 936-468-4446

The complaint must include the name of the aggrieved party, their employer, the name of the project, the rate of pay, the worker's contact information including address, phone number and email, and supporting information relating to the reason for the complaint. Within 30 days the worker, the contractor and subcontractor, if applicable, will be notified of the determination. If Stephen F. Austin State University determines good cause exists to believe that a violation has occurred it will retain any amount due under the contract pending a final determination of the violation.

If the contractor or subcontractor and any affected worker do not resolve the issue by agreement before the 15th day after SFA makes it initial determination, the issue shall be submitted to binding arbitration in accordance with the Texas General Arbitration Act (Article 224 et seq., Revised Statues) per Texas Government Code 2258.053 - 2258.055.