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The SFA Procurement Card program provides a more efficient, cost-effective method for paying for supplies and small items in amounts not exceeding $5,000. The P-Card is not intended to avoid or bypass appropriate purchasing procedures or bidding requirements. All purchases must be made in accordance with University Policy 17.11 Procurement Card.

The P-Card is to be used for official university business purposes only and may not be used for any personal transactions.

The P-Card is issued in the employee's name. The cardholder (employee) is responsible and accountable for the security and documentation associated with the use of the P-Card. P-Card transactions are expensed through SAP Concur.

Requesting a Card

P-Card and Travel Card applications are requested through SAP Concur. There is no longer a need for the card application paper form. Future cardholders can access the application in SAP Concur by selecting it from the mySFA Resources tab. Refer to the Concur Cardholder Application/Approval Guide for assistance in completing and submitting the form.

Submitted applications will go through a workflow that includes the cardholder's supervisor. If the supervisor is not the department head, then the supervisor must "approve and forward" the application to the appropriate department head for approval. The application will then be processed through the disbursement office. Training will be required before issuance of card.


All cardholders must complete P-Card Procedures training. Banner access is needed if detailing the P-Card.

P-Card Detail Entry Training also is required if the cardholder will be doing their own transaction detailing.

Schedule P-Card Procedures Training by accessing the myTraining portal. For more information on training requirements, visit Training.

Managing Records

P-Card records for each billing cycle are uploaded and accessed electronically via the P-Card Records Portal, accessible from the mySFA Resources tab. Cardholders, account managers and business managers should upload records by the 15th of the month, one month after P-Card detail entry is due (ex: detail entry due Nov. 15, P-Card upload due Dec. 15).

Reporting Cycles

All reporting cycles periods start on the 4th of the month and end on the 3rd of the following month. Reports are due by 5 p.m. on the 15th of each month, unless the 15th is on a non-work day. Reports begin generating on the 6th of each month.

2022-23 P-Card Reporting Cycle
Period start Period end Due date
Aug 4, 2022 Sep 3, 2022 Sep 7, 2022*
Sep 4, 2022 Oct 3, 2022 Oct 14, 2022
Oct 4, 2022 Nov 3, 2022 Nov 15, 2022
Nov 4, 2022 Dec 3, 2022 Dec 15, 2022
Dec 4, 2022 Jan 3, 2023 Jan 16, 2023
Jan 4, 2023 Feb 3, 2023 Feb 15, 2023
Feb 4, 2023 Mar 3, 2023 Mar 15, 2023
Mar 4, 2023 Apr 3, 2023 Apr 14, 2023
Apr 4, 2023 May 3, 2023 May 15, 2023
May 4, 2023 Jun 3, 2023 Jun 15, 2023
Jun 4, 2023 Jul 3, 2023 Jul 14, 2023
Jul 4, 2023 Aug 3, 2023 Aug 15, 2023

* to accommodate year end deadline

Vendor Holds

For purchases that exceed $500, you must identify the vendor and verify their State of Texas warrant hold status. You may look up vendors using the Texas Comptroller search tool, or by contacting the P-Card Coordinator. The P-Card Coordinator will inform all cardholders of vendors found to be on hold with the state that are commonly paid using the P-Card.

Frequently Asked Questions

For questions not addressed on this page, contact us at 936.469.4353 or

How do I find a HUB Vendor?

Do I have to have separate cards for different Fund Organization Programs?

No, not at all. One card can be detailed to different FOPs. If you need your default FOP updated for detailing email the P-Card Coordinator.

The FOPs were originally printed on the cards because we restricted the use of a card to a single FOP. We moved past that procedure and now allow any FOP to be charged to any card.

How can I change my per transaction limit or billing cycle limit?

Have your department head send an email to the P-Card coordinator with approval of the changes that need to be made. Please provide the last four digits of the card number, the cardholder's name and the new limits.

Keep in mind the maximum per transaction is $3,000 and the maximum per billing cycle is $15,000.

Can I purchase furniture with my P-Card?

For furniture/furnishings only needs, contact the Design Center for a recommendation at 936.468.1566 or The Design Center will provide a variety of selections and alternatives as close to budget as possible while maintaining a standard that provides for quality, warranty, etc. plus full-service from entering the requisition to being on-site during installation and handling any problems that arise at that time or during the warranty period, which is a lifetime warranty in most cases.

If the Design Center cannot meet your needs, they will bow out of the process and recommend the department make the purchase with a P-Card or submit a requisition through standard processes.

How do I sign up for a P-Card?

To request a P-Card, complete the P-Card application and send to the P-Card coordinator.

Before the P-Card can be issued, you will need to register for P-Card Procedures Training through myTraining, as well as P-Card Detail Entry Training if you will be detailing your own P-Card.

Can I pay membership dues with my P-Card?

Memberships purchased with local funds may be made with a P-Card. Memberships purchased with state funds cannot be made with a P-Card, but must be submitted on a requisition. Vice president’s approval is an automatic part of the Banner requisition approval process for memberships.

How do I increase or decrease my P-Card encumbrance?

Email the P-Card coordinator with the amount to increase or decrease along with the Fund Organization Program.

What is HEF?

HEF is Higher Education Funds or “Instructional Capital." Use of these funds must be only for the purchase of equipment including library books or videos, software, etc. Examples of HEF fund numbers are: 130472, 130471, 92xxxx, 943xxx, 96xxxx. Please refer to HEF guidelines.

I'm having trouble logging in to CitiBank to print my online statement.

The cardholder must call Citibank (800.248.4553, select option one) to reset password.

I'm having trouble logging in to Banner.

For Banner login and access questions or lockouts, contact the Help Desk at 936.468.4357.


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