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All computers purchased by the university will meet or exceed the base hardware configurations that have been established by the university, as indicated in the Minimum Computer Standards seen below. Information Technology Services (ITS) is included in the requisition approval process for computers in an effort to assist in streamlining purchases of computers and to ensure only approved configurations are purchased.

Types of Computer Replacements

There are three types of computer replacements:

  • New computers that increase the total number of computers on campus
  • Replacement computers eligible for the Computer Replacement Program (CRP) funds
  • Replacement computers that are not eligible for CRP funds and are Department Funded Purchases (DFP)

Computer Replacement Program

For FY24, the Computer Replacement Program (CRP) has been funded by Library, Equipment, Repair, and Rehabilitation (LERR) which is allowable to be used only for Education and General (E&G) purposes. CRP procedures have been updated to reflect the current budget amounts that have been allocated this fiscal year. It is estimated that funding is available to replace computers eligible for replacement in FY24 or before, and currently in use. It is imperative that the entire university community work together to ensure all of our critical needs are met. ITS will take an analytical approach to determine which units are in critical need of replacement.

Please see the steps to request computers in the Computer Purchase and Replacement Procedures document for detailed instructions.


Refer to our documents in Purchasing: Computer Purchase and Replacement for minimum computer standards and purchase quotes.

Need Help?

Campus members are here to assist you with the following:

webFOCUS Reports

Critical Needs and CRP Eligibility

Requisitions and Quotes



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