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SFA has a partnership with PaymentWorks, a supplier information management platform that automates the collection, verification and updating of supplier information. Suppliers will be able to manage their company's identity, view the status of invoices, remittances, and supply information for electronic payment.

Registering with PaymentWorks

In order to do business with SFA, an electronic invitation is sent to a vendor from a campus user to complete PaymentWorks registration. PaymentWorks securely hosts and validates vendor information, allowing the vendor accessibility to view payment status on invoicing. If you have questions regarding the transition, please email

Accessing PaymentWorks

To access PaymentWorks, log in to mySFA and choose the Resources tab. PaymentWorks is linked in the Accounts Payable and Travel section.

Getting Help

In addition to the FAQ below, refer to our downloadable guides that will aid you in the PaymentWorks vendor onboarding process.


If I have a no-purchase contract, do I have to send an invitation to the vendor through PaymentWorks?

No, currently only vendors who go through the requisition process must be set up through PaymentWorks. As a rule, if we will be paying the vendor, they must be registered through PaymentWorks.

How do I know if a vendor we have done business with in the past is set up through PaymentWorks?

You will be able to see all onboarding vendors (invitations sent) through PaymentWorks. If an invitation is not sent, please send one to them. You are able to search in PaymentWorks from the onboarding screen.

How do I set up students or employees so they can be reimbursed?

PaymentWorks is not needed for this process. Students, staff and faculty are automatically loaded into Banner, and they must be manually updated in Banner by Procurement and Business Services. Please submit a request to

Do prospective employees need to register through PaymentWorks?

No, prospective employees must submit their W-9 to for proper routing.

What if my department collects a W-9?

Please send an invitation through PaymentWorks.

What about vendors who are paid through a purchase voucher?

Any entity or person to receive a university vendor number must go through PaymentWorks.

What about foreign vendors and individuals?

Foreign vendors or individuals will also register through PaymentWorks, if they are to receive a University Banner ID number for a transaction. Customized fields are available for each country and address format.

What is the main change for me as a departmental employee with regard to PaymentWorks?

The main change is simply to use the PaymentWorks invitation process to request new vendor entries, rather than the paper-based vendor forms. PaymentWorks also empowers SFA users and provides visibility into the onboarding process.

What if a vendor has questions regarding PaymentWorks?

They may contact

Who is my SFA contact during this transition?

Email for any questions or concerns.


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