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Travel Authorization

Except as stated in the Applicability section of the SFA Travel Guidelines, anyone traveling on university business must obtain permission in advance of the trip. Travel Authorizations must be submitted online in SAP Concur. All estimated expenses of the trip are to be reflected on the Travel Authorization regardless of how they are to be paid (e.g., registration paid by voucher or P-card). A Travel Authorization must be submitted and approved at all applicable levels even if no travel expenses are anticipated.

The online Travel Authorization can be approved only when account balances are sufficient to cover the total estimated cost of the trip. Whenever possible the Travel Authorization should be entered and approved at least seven (7) working days prior to departure.

A Travel Planning Guide is available to help departments gather travel information and subsequently enter the Travel Authorization into SAP Concur. If desired, the form can be uploaded to the Travel Authorization as a PDF, but this is not required.

Expenses cannot be reimbursed from an account not listed on the approved authorization.

Travel to Washington, D.C.

SFA and State Requirements

Regardless of the purpose of the travel, an employee planning to travel to Washington, D.C. on university business must notify the university president in advance. The traveler must submit a travel request in SAP Concur and select Washington, D.C. as the expense type and complete appropriate fields. Once submitted online, it will automatically be routed to the president.

Additionally, per State law, if the travel is funded by state appropriations and its purpose is to engage in activities related to obtaining or spending federal funds, or to impact federal policies, the university must inform the Texas Office of State-Federal Relations (OSFR) by completing the OSFR Report of State Agency Travel to Washington, D.C. form. The provost's office will determine whether the OSFR should be informed of the travel. If so, the provost's office will complete and submit the OSFR form and maintain a copy.


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