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The state-issued Travel Card is to be used for certain travel charges related to official state business. Use of the card for personal business or personal travel is considered a violation of state policy, Travel Guidelines, and the employee may be subject to disciplinary action.

The T-Card should be used only for certain travel-related expenses according to the T-Card Program Guide. This includes but is not limited to registration fees, airfare, lodging expenses, and rental car charges. Employees using the T-Card agree to be bound by the state and university policies governing the use of the card. The T-Card is assigned to an SFA employee to be used for their own travel expenses. Each traveler needs to use their own travel card for their own travel-related expenses. T-Card charges are uploaded to the Concur software to the specific cardholder (Traveler). These charges must be reconciled to the traveler's expense report only. More information as to adding charges to your expense report are available on the Concur Travel Expense Guide.

P-Card and Travel Card applications have moved to SAP Concur request. There is no longer a need for the card application paper form. Future cardholders can access the application in SAP Concur through the mySFA resources tab. See the instructions on completing and submitting the form. Once it has been submitted, the application will go through a workflow of the cardholder's supervisor. If the supervisor is not the department head, then the supervisor must "Approve & Forward" to the appropriate department head for approval. The application will then be processed through the Disbursement Office. Training will be required before issuance of card.

Refer to HOP 05-107.



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