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The Design Center provides a variety of selections and alternatives as close to budget as possible while maintaining a standard that provides for quality, warranty, etc. plus full service from entering the requisition to being on-site during installation and handling any problems that arise at that time or during the warranty period, which is a lifetime warranty in most cases.


Human Sciences South Building
Room 104


936.468.4219 (office)

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Submitting a Requisition

For furniture and furnishing needs, the following steps are provided as a guide.

  1. Review the Design Center Standards Manual to see what is available and what might best meet your needs. If you have additional questions before visiting the Design Center, email
  2. Visit the Design Center and "test drive" chairs, desks, etc.
  3. Request space-planning assistance available with on-site design assistant.
  4. Select your style, options and colors.
  5. Submit a requisition referencing the following information, or the on-site design assistant can enter the requisition for you.
  6. Define the furniture piece and desired quantity: desk, chair, etc.
    • Identify the brand and model.
    • Identify all desired options.
    • Identify color selections.
    • Identify the TXMAS contract number.
    • Identify the prices matching the above choices.
  7. Once the requisition is approved, procurement services will place the order.

If the Design Center cannot meet your needs, the department may make the purchase with a P-Card or submit a requisition through standard processes.

Furniture/furnishings cannot be purchased on a P-Card or requisition submitted by the department unless recommended by the Design Center; if the Design Center is not involved in the purchase, the department will be held accountable for quality, installation, repairs, etc., associated with making their own selections.

Furniture Standards

The Stephen F. Austin State University's Furniture Standards Manual is a living document established to guide architects and engineers, as well as anyone who is commissioned to design, renovate and otherwise alter buildings and related facilities. It serves to consolidate and organize the range of institutional knowledge retained by the university facilities department staff. This manual contains both recommendations and mandatory provisions. It is the responsibility of architects and engineers to produce the best life cycle cost building possible, within constraints of budget, and the university does not wish to handicap their efforts by insistence on blind adherence to inflexible requirements. This manual is intended to be updated annually or more often as needed.


Physical Plant Department
Fax: 936.468.4446

Physical Address
2104 Wilson Drive

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 13031, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, TX 75962-3031