Stephen F. Austin State University

Common Concerns

Common Questions

How can I retrieve my child's mySFA username and password?

The Help Desk can only assist the student with mySFA usernames and passwords. This secure login information is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Please have your student contact the Help Desk at 936-468-4357 for assistance.

Sometimes students are attending high school and have difficulty finding time to call. We have been told by several students that the high school counselor will allow the student to call. So we encourage high school students to ask the high school administration or counselor.

I need to pay my student's bill.
Students can give others permission to access their eBill accounts. For more information, contact the Business Office at 936-468-6960 or The Registrar's Office is unable to assist parents with eBill logins.
I'd like to find out my child's grades.
Stephen F. Austin does not mail grades to students or their parents. Grades will be made available to view online through the student's mySFA (the student's password-protected account). Students wishing to share their grades with their parents can request a transcript which can be mailed to the address of their choice.
My insurance company and employer are requesting proof that my child is attending Stephen F. Austin State Univeristy in order to receive a good driver's discount and to continue benefits.
An enrollment verification letter is an official document provided by the Registrar's office verifying student status (full-time and part-time), dates of attendence and classification by term. Parents and/or students can request an enrollment verification letter either in person or by phone. The student may also print an enrollment verification letter online through their mySFA. Any forms provided by insurance companies or loan providers can be brought in person by the student to the Registrar's office.