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Important Deadlines

These timelines are specific to your anticipated graduation date. Review them closely and often, as dates may change.

Helpful information before you get started

Get the most out of your graduation experience

Applying on TimeApplying Late
Costs less.Doubles the fee.
Finds transcript deficiencies early so you can graduate on time.Finds transcript deficiencies late, which may delay graduation.
Option to walk in commencement ceremony.Participation may not be an option.
Name can be included in commencement program.Name may not be included.
More time for ordering regalia.Stricter deadlines for ordering.
More time to order announcements, your class ring and photos.More stress in your final semester.
More time to submit the optional photo and/or message for pre-ceremony slideshow.Stricter deadlines to submit.

Know your deadlines.

Key terms to know

Commencement: The ceremony celebrating your graduation. Participation is optional.

Conferral Date: Also referred to as your graduation date, this is the official date your degree will be awarded and the date that will be printed on your diploma. It does not always match the commencement date.

Graduate: A student who has successfully completed all requirements necessary to earn a degree, has received a clear audit after final grades have posted and has had a degree officially awarded. The transcript will show “Degree Awarded” once this step has been completed.

Graduation: The successful completion of a course of study. All students must apply to graduate in order for the degree to be awarded.

Graduation candidate: Someone who has applied to graduate but has not yet fulfilled the requirements, had final grades verified and had the degree awarded.

Graduation vs. Commencement

Graduation and commencement are not the same. Many students graduate, but not all choose to attend the commencement ceremony.

Graduation dates and commencement dates are not necessarily the same. This happens when there are multiple commencement dates for the same semester. The graduation date, also known as the conferral date, is usually Saturday. Commencement ceremonies may be held on both Friday and Saturday.


You can apply as early as eight months before your expected graduation date! Apply on time to avoid fee increases and stay on top of important deadlines.


While participation in the commencement ceremony is optional, we hope you'll make plans to join us in celebrating your achievement. Explore details on elibility, tickets, attire requirements, day-of information and more.

Information for Guests

Previous Ceremonies
Future Ceremonies

Post-Graduate Information

Diplomas aren't given out at commencement. Learn more about receiving your diploma, ordering additional copies and how to request an official transcript.