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Graduating with Latin Honors

(effective fall 2022)

A student receiving a bachelor's degree with academic honors has:

  1. completed a course of study with at least 42 semester hours of SFA residence coursework excluding pass/fail hours
  2. and in the final 30 advanced-GPA hours (3000- and 4000-level courses) has a GPA as follows:
HonorGPA Range
Summa cum laude3.900 to 4.000
Magna cum laude3.700 to 3.899
Cum laude3.500 to 3.699

Honors called at the commencement ceremony are based on the academic totals as of the student's last completed semester. After commencement and final grades are submitted, honors are recalculated. Final honors earned are posted to the transcript and printed on the diploma. Final honors may be higher or lower than those called at commencement.

For students pursuing a second bachelor's degree, 30 of the required 42 semester hours must be new hours earned at SFA. Read the HOP policy 02-218 (PDF) for details.

Master's and doctoral program candidates are not eligible for honors.

Five-year professional accountancy program candidates are considered graduate students. Your diploma and transcript will note undergraduate honors earned; however, they will not be announced during the commencement ceremony.

Graduating as a University Scholar

A student receiving a bachelor's degree with University Scholar distinction has completed the necessary criteria set by the School of Honors

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