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Seek After: On Seven Modern Lyric Poets

by David Baker

The poems of John Keats, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Wallace Stevens, Marianne Moore, Gwendolyn Brooks, and W.S. Merwin are carefully studied and cleverly defined in Seek After: On Sever Modern Lyric Poets. David Baker meticulously curated twenty-three essays that explore the verses of these poets and the influence that they had on contemporary poetry. The essays themselves are written by David Baker, Linda Gregerson, Meghan O'Rourke, Carl Phillips, Stanley Plumly, Ann Townsend, and Rosanna Warren.

Dead Stick

by Steve DeWolf

Ryan Conley is a marine second lieutenant stationed in Abu Al Khasib, Iraq. Just as he is about to rotate out of the war zone, Ryan is severely wounded and granted a medical discharge, so he can return home to the family ranch in Sweetwater, Texas, to focus his energy on recovery. But life never goes as planned for the young marine, and he is unexpectedly found dead.

Jake Conley is Ryan's brother and a Texas civil trial lawyer who never backs down from a fight. He has no intention of letting his brother's death go unanswered and travels half-way around the world to Baghdad looking for answers. It is in this burning, war-scraped land, Jake discovers that swords cut both ways.

From Mexico City to Dallas and points in between, the gritty, street-wise attorney dodges one attempt after another on his life while trying to unravel his brother's mysterious death. Against long odds and overwhelming legal adversaries, Conley battles to the end.

Well Done: SFA 90+ Years and Cooking

Hardcover Over 200 color photographs and recipes $25.00

To order a copy of Well Done SFA 90+ Years and Cooking, please send $30.00 plus 5.00 shipping and handling to: SFA PRESS, C/O College of Liberal and Applied Arts, Attention: Dixie Groll, P.O. Box 13033 SFA STATION Nacogdoches, Texas 75962

The Azaleas of Nacogdoches

by Barbara S. Stump


Over 200 color photographs


To order a copy of The Azaleas of Nacogdoches, please send $30.00 plus 5.00 shipping and handling to: SFA PRESS C/O College of Liberal and Applied Arts Attention: Dixie Groll P.O. Box 13033 SFA STATION Nacogdoches, Texas 75962

Azaleas of Nacogdoches is a photographic tour of some of the finest azalea gardens in East Texas, not to mention the United States. Follow Barbara Stump on her annual tour of these magnificent plants, culminating in the Ruby M. Mize Azaelea Garden where more than one hundred feet of purple spider azaleas are planted alongside University Road and frame one side of the garden. Composed of a broad variety of plant specimens, including Japanese maples, hydrangeas, camellias, and more than 6,500 azaleas, the Ruby M. Mize Garden is Texas's largest azalea garden and attracts thousands of tourists annually. Here, however, the focus is azaleas, and page after page is a delight in color and composition. The azaleas of Nacogdoches are special, breathtaking, unsurpassed. No wonder Nacogdoches was recently named as the Garden Capital of Texas.

Let the River Run Wild: Saving the Neches

by Francis Edward Abernethy

With over one hundred photographs and maps, Let the River Run Wild! transports readers along the wooded banks of the Neches in a photographic journey that highlights the flora and fauna inhabiting the woods along this coursing river from its narrow upper reaches that run from Lake Palestine dam to its mouth on Sabine Lake. Learn about the highly controversial fight to save the the upper Neches led by the Texas Conservation Alliance and why the Neches River is listed as number six on the most endangered rivers list, complied by the American Rivers organization.

Jimmy & Rita

by Kim Addonizio

"One of the wonderful things about Jimmy & Rita is that Kim Addonizio never imposes herself in any way, so the poems sing themselves into us. We experience the victories and defeats of Jimmy and Rita as they struggle through the boundless claustrophobia of their world. I think of them and there is a sense of sadness within me. Yet I think of what Addonizio has accomplished and I feel joy." -Hubert Selby, Jr

" Kim Addonizio's work is distinguished by two of the rarest qualities in American poetry: a sense of dramatic life on the page and a sense of class consciousness. Both are evident in Jimmy & Rita, a book that streams with the fragmented unity, pace and visceral immediacy of a film:" -Stuart Dybeck