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Student Organizations

Check Out AXES for a complete list of organizations!

Click here for a listing of registered Student Organizations!

Registered Student Organizations

Follow these 3 steps will keep your organization in good standing!

1. Register your Student Organization on AXES.
i. Forms: Student Organization Registration

b. (OR) Go to the direct Organization Registration link


Due to technical difficulties, some browsers may not currently support AXES. Please register your organization using the following link:

2. Attend (MANDATORY) Basic Training
a. NEW ORGANIZATIONS: You must schedule a time for (4) officers to attend Basic Training.

b. LEVEL 1&2 ORGANIZATIONS: (4) officers attend Basic Training in the FALL Semester.

3. Want to get funding from the University? Apply for SORF!
a. SORF is allocated in the Fall Semester and is available through dead week of Spring semester.

b. Did you miss SORF? You can apply for "Partial Spring Funding" starting March 1, 2016.

If you have any other questions contact Lacey Claver, Assistant Director of Student Engagement at

**Individual Axes pages cannot be updated until registrations are completed.
***Check your campus mailbox located in BPSC 3.301 and AXES for updates.

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