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Jack Camp


Physical Address to Camp Olympia:

723 Olympia Drive, Trinity, Texas

**Some GPS programs may have difficulty finding this address, please refer to our driving directions with any additional questions.

Contacting Camp Representatives:

While at camp, cell phone service may be "spotty". Please leave a message or text if calling or email for a fast response!


Camp Directors Direct Contact:

Lacey Claver: (817)526-2301

Amanda Horne: (936)676-0840

Saville Harris: (817)938-9364

Frequently Asked Questions:

When should we check in?

- Check in is available frm 12-2. We willnot have the first activity until after 2pm. Students who arrive early can tour camp, watch movies or play various activities while we wait for the others to arrive.

** Lunch is not provided, so please eat before arriving at camp!

If I'm getting dropped off, when should they pick me up?

- Camp is over around Noon on the last day. All campers must be picked up by 1:00 p.m.

What kind of bedding should I bring?

- The beds are standard twin. You can bring sheet set or a sleeping bag! Whatever is most comfortable!

Will I be able to call home?

- Students can use their cell phones throughout camp, but we encourage only using phones during free times. The cell service is not very strong, so please prepare to deal with this condition. The staff cell phone numbers are listed above and you are welcome to borrow theirs to phone home.

Will I need money?

- Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are provided. Any additional snacks or "camp gear" can be purchased at the camp store during free times. NO ATM. NO CREDIT CARDS.

What do you mean "dress up for the dance"?

- Every year we encourage our campers and counselors to dress up for our camp dance! Dress is CASUAL!! You can wear a costume or just wear a themed t-shirt in the related colors!

This years dance theme is RED WHITE AND BLUE- 'Merica!

Where can I get pictures of camp or updates throughout camp?

- Connect with us and others on our social media sites

Facebook: Jack Camp

Twitter: @sfa_jackcamp

Jack Camp is HERE!

Jack Camp is right around the corner, and we are so excited to see you there! Each year hundreds of freshmen experience Jack Camp, and we hear stories of how students met their best friends at Jack Camp or how Jack Camp opened opportunities for them to get involved on campus.

Jack Camp registration will be held from noon to 2 p.m. on Aug. 17 (for session 1) and Aug. 20 (for session 2). We encourage all campers to arrive between those times. The first activity will not begin until 2 p.m. We strongly suggest you eat lunch before arriving at camp. Our first Jack Camp meal will begin at 5 p.m.

Once you arrive at Jack Camp, you will become part of several groups - your cabin, your family group, your tribe and your team. This will allow you to meet as many other Lumberjacks as possible. As part of these groups, you will enjoy team-building exercises, participate in group discussions, play sports and socialize. You will have an opportunity to lounge by the pool, watch a movie, play games and much more. On day three of camp, there will be a Dress in your best Red, White and Blue for our 'Merica themed dance. We strongly encourage you to dress up!! (All of the counselors will be dressed up as well!!)

A long-standing tradition at Jack Camp is the competition between the Rusk Tribe and Austin Tribe. We will have tribe t-shirts available for sale for $10. You will definitely want to purchase your tribe shirt at camp. For your convenience, we will also have a C-Store open during free time to sell soft drinks, chips and candy.

Jack Camp will end at Noon on Aug. 19 for (session 1) and Aug. 22 (for session 2). If you did not drive to Jack Camp, please make arrangements to be picked up by 1:00 p.m.

All campers must be picked up by 1:00 p.m.

Below is a list of items to bring to camp and a list of items not to bring to camp.
Items to Bring:

• Comfortable Clothes
• Shower Shoes
• Water bottle
• Flashlight
• Money (T-shirt/Snack bar)
• Linens/Sleeping Bag
• Bug Spray
• Rain jacket/umbrella
• Toiletries/Towel
• Bathing Suit/Towel
• Sun Block
• Red, White and Blue outfit for the dance!
• You will have the opportunity to purchase a tribe t-shirt, hat, and sunglasses, as well as snacks (candy, chips, sodas) through our camp store.

Items not to Bring:
Valuable items that could be easily misplaced such as jewelry, credit cards, etc. Please do not bring snacks- to avoid pests in the cabin areas. Drugs, alcohol or weapons of any kind including pocket knives are not allowed at camp.

We are so excited you chose to begin your Lumberjack experience with us!

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at or call (936) 468-6411 or (936) 468-1367.
Connect with us @SFA_JackCamp Jack Camp

Axe 'Em Jacks!!
Jack Camp Staff

What is Jack Camp?

Jack Camp welcomes incoming students to SFA each year by giving them an opportunity to meet fellow students, have fun, and learn about life at SFA. It is our hope that through Jack Camp, you will find your place in our Lumberjack Family.

Jack Camp is a three-day extended orientation program that takes place in Trinity, Texas. Students will arrive at Jack Camp to find some of the best camp facilities in the state of Texas, including air conditioned cabins, on-site cafeteria, athletic fields and more. In addition, Jack Camp is led by some of the most successful student leaders at SFA.

Once you arrive at Jack Camp, you will become part of several groups - your cabin, your family group, your tribe and your team. This will allow you to meet as many other Lumberjacks as possible. With these groups, you will enjoy team-building exercises, participate in group discussions, play sports and socialize.

What do you do at Jack Camp?

At camp everyone is split into two tribes with hundreds of other first year students. These tribes will compete throughout the camp in activities such as cheers, tribal games, skits, and more.

Each tribe will also be split into "family groups" of around 10 - 15 students and 2 counselors. Within these groups, students will have an opportunity to share fun experiences with their peers and really get to know other students on a close level.

They will also have opportunities to engage in small group discussions about life at SFA, what to expect as a new student, some fears students might have their first year, as well as many other questions incoming students may have.

In addition, Jack Camp also features evening mixer activities, plenty of free time at the pool, and opportunities for you to just enjoy your surroundings with some of your new friends.

How much does Jack Camp cost?

Jack Camp costs $160.

This price covers meals, lodging, camp materials, and a Jack Camp T-shirt.

You can pay for Jack Camp with cash, check or a credit card, or charge it to your MySFA account.

All credit card transactions can be completed by using the online marketplace link at

All cancellations must be received in writing via mail or e-mail on or before the cancellation dates.

PLEASE e-mail to cancel.

Cancellation dates:
July 10: Last day to cancel and receive a $160 refund
July 31: Last day to cancel and receive a $75 refund
Aug. 1: No refunds given after this date

All cancellations must be received in writing via mail or email on or before the cancellation dates.


Please note:
Students are not guaranteed a particular session. These sessions can fill up quickly. If you choose a session that is full,
you will be placed in another session and will be notified of the change.


Jack Camp Photos

Students With Disabilities

The Office of Student Affairs Programs is committed to providing support for students with disabilities. If you are a student who needs an accommodation to attend or participate in one of our events or student organizations you are encouraged to stop by Room 325 in the Human Services Building to make your request. You may also call us at (936) 468-3004, TDD: (936) 468-1004.

If you have an accommodation request please see us as soon as possible, so we can make any arrangements necessary. Accommodations can only be arranged once a request has been submitted in writing to Disability Services. To the greatest extent possible, the Office of Student Affairs Programs shall observe confidentiality with respect to any request for accommodation.

Students who feel they have not been accommodated appropriately can appeal that decision utilizing the university appeals process.