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Congratulations to 2016 Jack Camp Counselors!

Aaron Barber

Ahanti Thomas

Alex Bird

Alex Reisinger

Allison Gilbert

Alyssa Estrada

Amanda Lofero

Amanda Rickie

Arden Frye

Aryn Clift

Ashley Lopez

Ashley Schutt

Ashlie Clark

Austin Cannon

Azea Gluff

Bailey Bryant

Ben Robinett

Blaine VanBoskirk

Brandon Bolton

Brianna Arceneaux

Brittany Quinn

Carli Ivy

Caroline Leslie

Chance Merritt

Cherish Jackson

Chloe Spencer

Claire Burton

Clare Melder

Clarissa De Santiago

Coby Ward

Colby McKellop

Dakota Joseph

Danan Ward

Devin Wallace

Dillon Branson

Elizabeth Slovak

Eric Oliver

Erik DeValcourt

Gage Knox

Haile Grandberry

Hamilton Davis

Helen Moninghoff

Holberg Gonzalez

Ivy Compton

Jaci Hartland

Jackie Whitfield

JaCoby McGowan

Jaime Colin

Jasmine Taylor

Jaycie Case

Jazmine Craddock

Jenna Hayes

Jessica Hemby

John Moore

Justin Becerra

Kallia Michalis

Kamron Ward

Kasey Kerlick

Katie Long

Kelsey Snyder

Lane Odom

Lauren Gilcrease

Lauren Wiley

Louis Nando Medrano

Lucina Garcia

Mackenna Joseph

Mackenzie Long

Mackenzie Van Voorhies

Maddie Hamilton

Madeline Howard

Madison New

Maggie Wright

Makala Burgess

Makayla Rose

Margaret Butler

Marianna Espinoza

Megan Miller

Michael Butera

Miranda Wedelich

Morgan Hutto

Morgan Pulliam

Natalie Leslie

Nathalia De La Espriella

Nick Shorter

Penni Reeds

Raegen Dumar

Ramiro Espericueta

Randy Westmoreland

Ray Williams

Ryan "Chase" Rubio

Samantha Puente

Shelby Hearn

Shelby Kolek

Stefan DeShazo

Stephanie Sogga

Taron Green

Taylor Gonzalez

Taylor Harriman

Taylor Smith

Tyler Fisher

Wayne Blount II

Wayne Whipple

Zack Maurer

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Updated: Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jack Camp Summer 2016

Registration will Open: Monday, May 2, 2016

SESSION 1: August 15-17

SESSION 2: August 18-20

What is Jack Camp?

Jack Camp welcomes incoming students to SFA each year by giving them an opportunity to meet fellow students, have fun, and learn about life at SFA. It is our hope that through Jack Camp, you will find your place in our Lumberjack Family.

Jack Camp is a three-day extended orientation program that takes place in Trinity, Texas. Students will arrive at Jack Camp to find some of the best camp facilities in the state of Texas, including air conditioned cabins, on-site cafeteria, athletic fields and more. In addition, Jack Camp is led by some of the most successful student leaders at SFA.

Once you arrive at Jack Camp, you will become part of several groups - your cabin, your family group, your tribe and your team. This will allow you to meet as many other Lumberjacks as possible. With these groups, you will enjoy team-building exercises, participate in group discussions, play sports and socialize.

What do you do at Jack Camp?

At camp everyone is split into two tribes with hundreds of other first year students. These tribes will compete throughout the camp in activities such as cheers, tribal games, skits, and more.

Each tribe will also be split into "family groups" of around 10 - 15 students and 2 counselors. Within these groups, students will have an opportunity to share fun experiences with their peers and really get to know other students on a close level.

They will also have opportunities to engage in small group discussions about life at SFA, what to expect as a new student, some fears students might have their first year, as well as many other questions incoming students may have.

In addition, Jack Camp also features evening mixer activities, plenty of free time at the pool, and opportunities for you to just enjoy your surroundings with some of your new friends.

How much does Jack Camp cost?

Jack Camp costs $160.

This price covers meals, lodging, camp materials, and a Jack Camp T-shirt.

You can pay for Jack Camp with cash, check or a credit card, or charge it to your MySFA account.

All credit card transactions can be completed by using the online marketplace link at

All cancellations must be received in writing via mail or e-mail on or before the cancellation dates.

PLEASE e-mail to cancel.

Cancellation dates:
July 10: Last day to cancel and receive a $160 refund
July 31: Last day to cancel and receive a $75 refund
Aug. 1: No refunds given after this date

All cancellations must be received in writing via mail or email on or before the cancellation dates.


Please note:
Students are not guaranteed a particular session. These sessions can fill up quickly. If you choose a session that is full,
you will be placed in another session and will be notified of the change.


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Students With Disabilities

The Office of Student Affairs Programs is committed to providing support for students with disabilities. If you are a student who needs an accommodation to attend or participate in one of our events or student organizations you are encouraged to stop by Room 325 in the Human Services Building to make your request. You may also call us at (936) 468-3004, TDD: (936) 468-1004.

If you have an accommodation request please see us as soon as possible, so we can make any arrangements necessary. Accommodations can only be arranged once a request has been submitted in writing to Disability Services. To the greatest extent possible, the Office of Student Affairs Programs shall observe confidentiality with respect to any request for accommodation.

Students who feel they have not been accommodated appropriately can appeal that decision utilizing the university appeals process.