Stephen F. Austin State University

Heritage Center Resources

We offer a combination of resources, from scholars to facilities, to generate quality research pertaining to the region of East Texas and its bordering states. Our scholars include affiliated university faculty and graduate students from several different departments. Our research fellows in area organizations have the connections to engage both academic and local communities in CRHR projects. We offer research assets such as GIS capabilities, Spanish translation and archival research, reduced repository rates, and computer technology. By combining these resources, we can facilitate projects in an interdisciplinary fashion, yielding results that draw upon diverse people and their respective approaches.

When the scholars and resources for projects related to the CRHR mission are required, researchers can submit proposals for unique CRHR projects or collaborative assistance with ongoing research. Proposals must be submitted in an application for either short term or long-term project collaboration. Applicants are strongly encouraged to consider carefully the eclectic assistance the CRHR can provide these projects. Our organization is the source for heritage research not confined to esoteric interests. The future of the CRHR lies not in discipline-specific projects but in truly multi-disciplinary initiatives that combine the expertise of faculty, staff, students, and community representatives on well-defined research projects with equally well-defined outcomes