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Whaley Home

610 N. Washington, Marshall

Current Owner 2013: Charles M. & Donna K. Musselman

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Natoinal Register

The Whaley home was listed on the National Register in 1974 along with several other structures as part of the Ginocchio Historical District.

Architectural Survey

Architectural Survey

• Description: The Whaley home is a one and half story Free Classical/Queen Anne structure with a one story porch that expands the width of the house. The porch is supported by ten classical columns and has spindled railing. A dormer extends from the front of the home containing a single door primary entrance with a headlight and three double hung windows.

• Significance: The Whaley home is situated within the Ginocchio Historic District.

Historical Background

The Whaley home was built for Paul Whaley, a successful merchant in Marshall who owned and operated retail hardware store called Logan and Whaley in 1909. There are a few contradicting facts within the National Register files. The National Register files state that Paul Whaley built the home around 1886 for his wife, whom he married in 1884. But the 1900 Census states that Paul and his wife Narina C. did not marry until 1887. So if he built the home for his wife then the date of completion would have to be after 1887. The Whaley definitely lived in the home by 1900, because the census states that their neighbors were Walker and Eliza Allen who lived in the Allen home across the street. (Year: 1900; Census Place: Marshall Ward 1, Harrison, Texas; Roll: 1643; Page: 18B; Enumeration District: 0045; FHL microfilm: 1241643.) And in 1910, the census shows George Signaigo and his family as being neighbors of the Whaleys. (Year: 1910; Census Place: Marshall Ward 1, Harrison, Texas; Roll: T624_1562; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 0042; FHL microfilm: 1375575.)

In 1981, Alton Duane and Patricia A. Tipps sold the home to Robert and Sandi McCoy. (Harrison County Deed Records, Vol. 1087, Pg. 268, filed October 29, 1981.) Sandi McCoy sold the home in 1994 to James D. Lambright who sold it a few years later in 1997 to Tony and Laura Overhultz.) Harrison County Deed Records, Vol. 1361, Pg. 88, filed May 11, 1994. Vol. 1626, Pg. 129, filed April 3, 1997.) The current owners as of 2013, Charles Michael and Donna K. Musselman purchased the home in 2002, and now operate the Three Oaks Bed and Breakfast within the Whaley home. (Harrison County Deed Records, Vol. 2664, Pg. 332, filed July 30, 2002.)

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