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Interview Checklist


Interview Checklist

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Updated: Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Interview Checklist

Adapted from the American Century Project:

At this point you should have identified your interviewee, made phone contact to explain the project and determined where and when the interview will take place. You have also completed a thorough research paper and established fifteen preliminary questions.

  1. Check equiptment (batteries, tape recorder, microphone)
  2. Test your equiptment
  3. List of interview questions
  4. Interview release form
  5. Notebook and pen to take notes during the interview

When you are ready to begin:

  1. Explain what will happen in the interview

    (Begin slowly, by getting the background of your interview and to create a comfort between you and your subject).
  2. Make introductory statement on tape recorder.
    (Include: date and time, person you are interviewing, who they are, place of interview, and who you are).
  3. Conduct interview.
  4. Have interviewee sign release form.
  5. send tank you note immediately following the interview.