Stephen F. Austin State University

Jackie Grant

Voices from Small Places - Arcadia, TX.

J. Grant
March 20, 2014
Arcadia, Texas
Photograph #1

Title: The House Where I Was Born

"This is where my life began, October 21, 1940. I was born in the front bedroom where the fireplace was. My grandmother, Eva Gillispe Emanis, was there to help and stepped on the brick in front of the fireplace and fell through the floor just as I was born. She was my paternal grandmother & I was named after her husband, my grandfather, Jack Emanis. He died of cancer a few months after I was born."

"The house is now gone. It was torn down by Greg Grant to restore his home. His home was the house I moved to in December 1954 and live there until I left to go to college at SFA."