Stephen F. Austin State University


Voices From Small Places- Arcadia, Tx

PhotoVoice is a method that combines photography with journaling. In this project, volunteers are given cameras and asked to take pictures of places in their community that are important to them in their personal history and hold value for them.

As they take their photographs, volunteers explain in a journal why they took the pictures they did, creating both a written and photographic record of personal remembrances all directly tied to place.

The following short video presentation includes some of the photographs and journal entries provided by volunteers. These long time residents of Arcadia, TX have seen their community change over the course of time.

Photographs & Text

The photographs and their accompanying text provided by volunteers have been compiled making it possible to review each individually.

Through their personal remembrances we can revisit Arcadia as it once was in its heyday. To see all of the photo-journal entries from our volunteers, select a name from the list below.