Stephen F. Austin State University

Ronnie Emanis

Voices from Small Places - Arcadia, TX.

R. Emanis
March 30, 2014
Arcadia, Texas
Photograph #1

Title: Emanis Dog Trot

"In 1954, 60 years ago, this became my home. My family had moved from Clute, Texas and my dad worked at Dow Chemical in Freeport. He was sick and wanted to move back to his home in Arcadia. My daddy was something else. He could coon hunt all night, shoot squirrels all day, and spin yarns to anyone who would listen. Mother would cook the squirrels either in dumplings or stew and daddy always had to have the heads cooked in also with their eyes staring at you. He would crack the heads and eat the brains out. I remember coming home after I had been in the army and I had an 8mm German Mauser. Daddy thought he knew everything about guns but this one went off in the kitchen. Mother was not happy. I remember another time Mother was not happy when Jim Crawford's (the store owner) mule came to the house and ate her flowers."