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Faculty Resources

The AARC has a long history of working with faculty members to support the institution’s high standards. As previous faculty members ourselves, AARC’s management team understands the importance of students developing these mentoring relationships. We like to say that we're No. 2 because the professor is always No. 1! We appreciate when faculty members refer students to us who are in need as well as students to serve as tutors.

Request a Class Visit

If you have a tutor assigned to your course, check with them first. Otherwise, let us know if you’d like a five minute introduction to the AARC by a student tutor.

Request a Tour

We encourage you to bring students by the AARC to acquaint them with our services and our people! To arrange for a tour, submit an online AARC tour request.

Workshops and seminars for your students

Make use of the AARC’s workshops and seminars to provide your students an academic boost. All workshops and seminars offered for the fall will be delivered in an online format only. We offer 50-minute workshops and seminars given by the AARC Writing Program via Zoom. For the Learning Strategies workshop, we recommend scheduling after the first test when students are more likely to engage.

Sign up by completing the AARC Workshops and Seminar Request form by Sept. 30.

Due to limited staff availability, the following conditions apply:

  1. A faculty or staff member from the class (professor, teacher assistant or student assistant) must be present during the presentation.
  2. A minimum of 10 students attending is required.
  3. Availability for presentations is 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sept. 1 through Nov. 12.

Workshops and Seminars Available for Fall 2020

  • The Road to Student Success: Learning Strategies — Overview of skills that include time management, task prioritization, the study cycle and focused study sessions.
  • Activate Your Reading — Discuss how to actively read for college courses
  • Writing the Sentence — Reviews grammar rules for independent clauses and works on how to avoid sentence fragments
  • Three Ways to Improve Your Writing — Overview of the three biggest mistakes freshman writers make in their writing and shows tips on how to avoid them
  • Get Specific! Concrete and Abstract Language — Reviews concrete and abstract language and how to avoid abstractions in both creative and scientific writing
  • MLA Formatting — In-depth review of MLA formatting
  • APA Formatting — In-depth review of APA formatting

If you have any questions, contact Kay Winfield, AARC writing and workshops program director, at or by phone at 936.468.1542.


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