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About Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of human nature, human society, and the human past. As a holistic study of the human experience, anthropology encompasses information from the natural sciences and humanities. Anthropologists study living cultures (cultural anthropology), prehistoric cultures (archaeology), human evolution and biological diversity (physical/biological anthropology), and the history and cultural contexts of language (linguistics). With an anthropology minor or an anthropology emphasis in the sociology program, you will be able to

Major in Sociology with an Anthropology Emphasis

Although SFA does not offer an anthropology major, students can major in sociology with an anthropology emphasis. The sociology major with an anthropology emphasis introduces students to most of the major areas of anthropology, provides an archaeological fieldwork opportunity, and includes room for several elective courses in anthropology.

Minor in Anthropology

A minor in Anthropology requires 23 semester hours of which at least nine must be advanced. Required courses are ANT 231, 248 & 248L, 251 & 251L, and 12 additional hours in Anthropology, 9 of which must be advanced.

Anyone can minor in Anthropology. Even if your major does not require a minor, you are still free to obtain a minor if you wish.

For more information, please contact us:

Dr. Karol Chandler-Ezell

Assistant Professor, Anthropology Program Director

Research areas: Biocultural Anthropology (specifically, Ethnobotany and Medical Anthropology)

Courses taught: Cultural Anthropology, Human Physical Variation, Qualitative Research Methods, Culture of Health and Medicine, Magic and the Supernatural, and Cults and the Mythological

Dr. Leslie G. Cecil

Associate Professor

Research areas: Archaeology (specifically, Maya Archaeology, Ceramic Analysis, Archaeological Sciences, Anthropology of Technology, and Anthropological Ethics)

Courses taught: Cultural Anthropology, Prehistory of North America, Box Office Archaeology, Archaeological Mysteries, Field Methods in Archaeology, Human Osteology and Archaeological Forensics, and Archaeological Foods and Feasts

Dr. George Avery

Archaeology Laboratory Director

Cultural Heritage Resource Coordinator

Research areas: Historical Archaeology, Spanish Colonial Archaeology, Ceramic Technology, Mississippian Period in the Southeastern US, Cultural Resource Management