Stephen F. Austin State University

Student Clubs

Anthropology and Archaeology Society

Society meeting is:


5 pm

Ferguson G78

Officers (2016-2017):

President: Joel Antonio Hinojosa

Vice President: Raphael Soares

Secretary and Marketing: Emma Wilson


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karol Chandler-Ezell

Facebook page: SFA Anthropology & Archaeology Society

Anthropology and Archaeology Club

Geography Club

Please see club details on the Geography page:

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jeff Roth

Sociology and Gerontology Club

Our club was first formed in the early 1960s. Dr. Dianne Dentice became the faculty advisor in January 2007 with the dual goal of: 1) engaging student members in meaningful discussions about current events from a sociological perspective and 2) creating a sense of departmental community and social cohesion among our student population.

In September 2008, our club members decided to implement what they called Café Society - which is still going strong. Students meet on a bi-weekly basis to help fulfill goal number 1. On the weeks they do not meet for coffee and conversation at the campus Starbucks, formal meetings are held to plan for events to promote the club and the department. Every fall semester club members host a fundraiser for a needy family for the Thanksgiving holiday. At Christmas they participate in the campus wide Christmas Santa event to collect new toys so that every child in our community will have something under the tree. Both events continue to be a success for the club. During the spring semester our club members volunteer at the local animal shelter. They also have a campus wide drive to raise funds to help pay for food at the shelter. Another ongoing spring enterprise is the collection of items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, and soap for Godtel, the local homeless shelter. This fall (2015) the club is going to help (along with the Anthropology and Geography Clubs) to coordinate a film festival to promote the various disciplines within the department.

Meetings time and place: Thursday (first meeting 9/10/15) at 4:00 pm in Ferguson 479


President: Jeff Brocke

Vice President: Breann Sanderson

Secretary: Vicente Suarez

Treasurer: Amanda Powell

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Dianne Dentice

Sociology and Gerontology Club

Sustainability Club

The Sustainability Club promotes sustainability initiatives and policy on campus. Host speakers and act as a meeting place for majors and minors and others interested in Sustainable Community Development.

Meeting Times and Place:

Sept 23, 2015 (and every other Wednesday from then on)

6 pm

McKibben 363 (Honors Lounge)


President: Turner McDougal

Vice-President: Dalton Mcinnins

Secretary: Cheyenne Connors

Treasurer: Jennifer Crenshaw

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bill Forbes

Sustainability Club