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Welcome to the School of Human Sciences

An academic program in Human Sciences has been offered at SFA since the university opened in 1923. The school has academic majors in Child/Family Development, Food, Nutrition & Dietetics, Interior Design, Interior Merchandising, Fashion Merchandising, Hospitality Administration,and Family and Consumer Sciences.

Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees are offered; the B. S. program is among the largest in the state. Academic programs in Human Sciences prepare professionals who seek innovative solutions to the challenges of a contemporary society and of a changing world. The fundamental focus of the discipline is on humankind and the human condition throughout the life cycle.

SFA School of Human Sciences

Fast Facts about the School of Human Sciences - Fall 2013

Licensing and Credentialing

The School of Human Sciences has a number of professional programs that require testing for licensure.

For the past 5 years:

Retention and Graduation Rates


Graduation Rates

The School of Human Sciences graduation rates are as follows:

4 year (08-12) 5 year (07-12) 6 year (06-12)
88 enrolled 65 enrolled 79 enrolled
33 graduated(37.5%) 25 graduated(38.5%) 42 graduated(53.4%)
SFA's rate = 23.2% SFA's rate = 38.3% SFA's rate = 43.1%

Accredited by the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences

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