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School of Human Sciences degrees and areas of study

Through seven Bachelor of Science programs, the School of Human Sciences prepares students to be highly qualified professionals who positively influence individuals, families and businesses in diverse global communities.

Your degree path will include active, hands-on educational opportunities beyond the traditional classroom experience, including service learning, internships and observations. 
In every major, you’ll find faculty and staff who take a genuine and direct interest in your success at SFA and beyond. From meal management to human development, your educators will provide insight into the real world of work. Their professional experiences in their fields can help connect you with your future.

The School of Human Sciences also offers an all-online Master of Science degree that equips professionals to provide innovative solutions to the challenges of contemporary society and a changing world. Courses are taught by the same experienced instructors as SFA’s campus-based programs in a flexible, online environment.

Degrees and areas of study offered

The School of Human Sciences continues to expand its programs, experiences and services. We currently offer the following degrees, minors and certifications.


Unofficial Degree Plans

Our unofficial degree plans serve as a course-planning tool and a reflection of what you might be expected to complete when filing your official degree plan. A degree plan is a list of the graduation requirements for each major which includes all course options in each of the component areas such as the core, major, minor, etc. These documents below are not official degree plans. Contact your advisor for the steps required to file your degree plan.

Major Academic Planners (Degree MAPs)

Our undergraduate degree major academic planners serve as a guide to keep you on track as you make your way toward filing your official degree plan. A Degree MAP is a semester-by-semester sequence of courses which a student needs to take in order to graduate on time. It suggests courses to complete each semester to be “on track” to graduation by taking the right courses in the right order.

To find the suggested Degree MAP for your area of study, explore the list below.

School of Human Sciences


School of Human Sciences
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