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As dynamic as today’s society

The world is a fast-paced and dynamic place. To prepare you to positively influence individuals, families and businesses in diverse communities, your education must be dynamic, too. That means expanding curriculum, creating new paths to career success and increasing opportunities for individual growth on campus and in communities here and abroad. With seven Bachelor of Science programs and an online Master of Science degree, the School of Human Sciences within the James I. Perkins College of Education serves the interests of a variety of students and can help equip you to meet human needs, even as they evolve.

Multiple accreditations and certifications ensure our educational processes meet quality standards and provide appropriate preparation for professional careers.

A message from the director, Dr. Chay Runnels

The School of Human Sciences offers transformational experiences for students across all majors. Students in merchandising travel worldwide and work with software that expands their knowledge of fashion and interiors. Human development and family studies majors become certified family life educators and experts in aging, and they make their communities better places to work and live. Food, nutrition and dietetics majors travel internationally and work with area food banks, agencies and hospitals to practice and inform clients of integrative and functional medicine. Interior design students complete real-life design projects that prepare them for their future in world-renowned design firms. Hospitality administration students travel the world, work in exciting laboratories both on and off campus, and execute high-end events and festivals as a routine part of their studies. All human sciences majors complete immersive internships and experiential activities as part of their professional preparation for the world of work. 

Faculty in the School of Human Sciences value personal one-on-one relationships with their students and alumni. They foster connections between industry and academics by inviting professionals and thought leaders into their courses. As a student in the School of Human Sciences, you have joined an elite group of students in life-changing majors preparing for the future.

Welcome! We are so happy you have chosen the School of Human Sciences as your academic home! 

Dr. Chay Runnels, Director
Call: 936.468.2060

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