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SFA offers the only aging studies certificate in Northeast Texas. The 18-hour certificate will prepare you for a career in planning, administering, coordinating and delivering services to older adults.

The multi-disciplinary program includes six elective courses in human sciences, health science and sociology. Nurses and social workers can specialize in working with geriatric clients.

You will be able to choose from career roles such as case manager, consultant, older adult educator, legal aid assistant, program activities director, senior community outreach personnel and more.

Apply for the Certificate in Aging Studies


Eligible courses for the Certificate in Aging Studies are listed below. All classes must be taken for grade (i.e., audits or pass/fail is not sufficient). Students must earn a C or better.

Elective Courses

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Required Courses: N/A

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NUTR 2339 Introductory Nutrition 3
INDS 2113 Residential Design 3
INDS 3121 Commercial Design Studio 3
HDFS 3317 Aging and the Family 3
HAMG 2337 Hospitality Facility Management 3
HDFS 3336 Human Growth, Development and Aging in the Family Context 3
NUTR 3349 Nutrition During the Life Cycle 3
INDS 4318 Professional Practice for Interior Design 3
HMSC 4340 Consumer Problems 3
HDFS 4315 Family Development 3
TRVM 4327 Meetings, Events, Expositions and Technology 3
HLTH 2316 Introduction to Community Health and Public Health 3
HLTH 3351 Substance Prevention Education 3
HLTH 3385 Introduction to Healthcare Administration 3
HLTH 3375 Health and Aging 3
HLTH 4325 Social Health and Sexual Interactions 3
HLTH 4336 Environmental Health and Ecology 3
SOCI 3305 Sociology of Death and Dying 3
SOCI 3370 Social Gerontology 3

Certificate Requirements

To receive the Certificate in Aging Studies, students must complete six elective courses and attach their transcript. There is no test for the certificate, but students must also submit an application to the Certificate in Aging Studies. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Once the application form is submitted, the HDFS Certificate Coordinator will forward the request to the Register’s Office. It is the student's responsibility to check their grade and course they took before applying the Certificate. Once the application is approved by the Register’s Office, the application for Certificate will be completed.

Certificate Information

The Certificate in Aging Studies is awarded by being noted on your official SFASU transcript. It is not noted on your diploma or by an official SFASU document other than the transcript. The Registrar’s office finalizes grades at the end of each full semester in December, May and August. Once you apply for the certificate, it will be reviewed by the Registrar’s office and, if found to be complete, it will be noted on your transcript when grades are finalized for the semester in which you complete all the requirements for the certificate (approximately 10 to 14 days after the last class day of the semester). The certificate is separate from graduation requirements and the certificate is awarded at the end of the full semester in which you complete the certificate requirements. The certificate is not automatically awarded, you must submit this application for us to complete the paperwork for the certificate to be added to your transcript. For other questions about the certificate, contact Dr. Hyunsook Kang,, 936.468.2975, School of Human Sciences.

For more information, visit, or contact Dr. Hyunsook Kang, at


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