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Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition

If you have an interest in nutrition, the Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition is for you!  While this particular degree does not enable you to become a registered dietitian (see the Dietetics and Nutritional Sciences page for how to become a registered dietitian), you will learn how to apply your passion for food and nutrition to a variety of possible career avenues.  Key areas of study include the following:

  • Community nutrition
  • Food service management
  • Life cycle nutrition
  • Food science

This major includes an 18-hour minor, which allows you to pair your love of food and nutrition with your other interests. Popular minors include hospitality, human development and family studies, kinesiology and health science, psychology, languages, business, and many more.  In addition to a minor, you will complete a 300-hour  internship, which provides valuable experience prior to graduation and connects you with potential future employers and marketable experiences and skills.  

The Food and Nutrition degree helps you compete successfully for jobs and graduate school placements. Your courses will include the following elements:

  • Laboratory experience: You will have the opportunity to obtain hands-on experiences through food science and culinary labs.
  • Practical training: There are opportunities for  hands-on training outside of laboratory experiences, through service learning and hands-on assignments.
  • An interdisciplinary approach: Our nutrition program excels in making connections among diet, physical health, and mental well-being. This unique approach makes our nutrition degree especially marketable.
  • A strong science foundation: The Food and Nutrition program provides you with a strong, up-to-date scientific background that you can apply to a variety of different careers and utilize to help translate nutrition concepts to the public in a variety of different ways.  Our program combines well-established conventional practices with integrative and functional nutrition concepts to help prepare you for the future of food and nutrition careers.

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Food and Nutrition

The food and nutrition minor is for students who want to obtain knowledge of general nutrition principles in various lifespans. You will also learn how nutrition applies to different cultures, the community and the sports population.

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