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Helping K-12 teachers develop financially literate students

Financial literacy is fundamental to a successful life, even helping future generations avoid poverty. That’s why teaching young people about personal finance, economic concepts and how to make better spending and saving decisions is so important—and why training educators in those areas is vital.

The SFA Center for Economic Education provides quality professional development and curriculum materials for teachers providing economic education to K-12 students in deep East Texas and the Beaumont and Huntsville areas. It is only one of six centers of its kind in the state.

The Center for Economic Education collaborates and partners with classroom teachers, curriculum coordinators, administrators, businesses and the community at large. Presenters help teachers navigate the lessons and find additional resources to help them in their classrooms.

Training sessions are sponsored by grants from the Council for Economic Education and local businesses. These grants also provide support for materials such as the 1,400 virtual lessons available to educators.

SFA’s Center for Economic Education was established in 1983.

Want to help with our mission?

The SFA Center for Economic Education helps teachers build competent decision makers, productive employees, creative entrepreneurs, knowledgeable consumers and responsible citizens. Interested in helping? You can become a:

  • Partner - If you’re an entrepreneur, inventor or business owner, share your success stories with classroom teachers or host a tour of your facilities. You could also consider implementing an entrepreneurial club or business day in a classroom or community youth group then reporting on achievements at teacher professional development workshops.

  • Advocate - It takes community and family support to help students become thriving and productive global citizens. Parents and grandparents, counselors and community groups, business owners and service clubs — everyone can help prepare students to participate in a global society. 

  • Presenter - We’re always looking for energetic and committed teachers to share their expertise, strategies and classroom ideas during professional development workshops.

We’d love to tell you more. Please call 936.468.4502 to find out how you can help.

Looking for lessons, activities and resources?

For teachers, students and parents, everything from basic economics to the intricacies of the stock market is at your fingertips.

Do we serve your school district?

The SFA Center for Economic Education serves schools districts in Texas regions 5 and 6.


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