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Learn to help people optimize their quality of life

Are you interested in studying families, communities and social issues? Do you seek to understand the relationships among people and their personal environments? Are you passionate about helping individuals and families develop effective living techniques? Then majoring in family and consumer sciences can be the first step toward a meaningful career focused on consumerism, family and community services, or education.

SFA’s human sciences degree with a concentration in family and consumer sciences includes broad-based, interdisciplinary studies in nutrition and health, meal management, hospitality operations, human development and family studies, design, merchandising, and consumer problems. The special connection among these content areas will help you understand how people interact with their personal environments and how that shapes their culture.

As a student in this program, you’ll participate in service learning hours and complete an internship that offers real-world experience and networking. You might even get to study abroad.

Human-focused career opportunities

School systems, government agencies, social and family services organizations, the hospitality industry, and retailers are among the businesses actively seeking graduates in family and consumer sciences.

Depending upon the track you choose, a degree in the family and consumer sciences concentration can prepare you for broad-based employment in the field or to teach at the high school level. Accreditation by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences ensures that our programs satisfy industry expectations.

Choose between two tracks

When pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Human Sciences with a concentration in family and consumer sciences degree, you can choose the non-teaching track or work toward earning you teacher certification. Explore the differences below.

Non-teaching track

The non-teaching track prepares students for broad-based employment in the field of family and consumer sciences.

  • A minor in a supporting area is required. Suggested minors include business, communications, art, journalism or foreign language.

Teacher certification track

The teacher certification track prepares students to teach family and consumer sciences at the high school level, including child development, parenting, nutrition, hospitality and design. It is designed to help you become eligible to seek teacher certification with the Texas Education Agency. Students may seek specialized certification or composite certification.

  • To become fully certified, students must complete the degree program and pass the state exam. Please review admission requirements for the Educator Preparation Program.


Minor in family and consumer sciences

A minor in family and consumer sciences complements majors with a focus on family issues, consumer problems and global perspectives. Students must complete 18 hours of human sciences courses with at least nine upper-level courses.


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