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A new major takes flight

SFA is making history by offering the new Bachelor of Science degree in aviation sciences. This degree allows you to earn a college degree and several aircraft pilot certifications upon graduation.

SFA has partnered with HCH Aviation in Nacogdoches to offer the flying portion of our degree. This partnership allows us to provide instruction in some of the most technologically advanced training aircraft in the world.

A growing field

Pilot salaries range from $35,000 to $250,000 based on experience and type of aircraft flown. 

Boeing released a study in 2021 that projected 612,000 new civil aviation pilots will be needed globally in the next 20 years. In this country alone almost half of current airline pilots will retire in the next 10 years. Post COVID-19 press releases from airline CEOs has been very specific about their need for new pilots. There’s never been a better time to earn a degree in aviation. See the full results of the study.

Boeing study graphic

Unwavering commitment to your success

When you complete your aviation sciences courses at SFA, you'll enjoy a well-rounded education that includes flight training at reasonable rates. 

In June 2022, the Bachelor of Science degree in aviation sciences at SFA was officially approved by SACSCOC. Until Fall 2022, applicants will need to sign up for aviation courses under the human sciences major — family and consumer sciences concentration.

Our flight partner's fleet includes Piper Pilot 100 planes that you will fly during your first semester of aviation sciences courses. You will practice using new flight simulators located on the university’s campus.

Students will be issued a student pilot certificate during their first flight lab course.

Flight school is a big investment. By completing the aviation sciences courses at SFA, you'll receive a well-rounded education as well as flight training at a discounted cost. Your investment includes faculty members who will give you the individual attention you need in classes limited to 30 students.

Unit Course(s) Duration/Flight and Simulator Training Hours Cost
Private Pilot AESL AVSC 1100/1102/1200/1202 2 semesters/55 hours $21,647
Instrument Pilot AVSC 2340/2341 2 semesters/50 hours $16,851
Commercial Pilot SEL AVSC 2250 1 semester, 60 hours $18,004
Commercial Pilot ASEL AVSC 3204 1 semester, 30 hours $9,846
Commercial Pilot AMEL AVSC 3226 1 semester, 30 hours $15,188
Certified Flight Instructor Airplane AVSC 3237 1 semester, 25 hours $12,215
    SEL Add (with CFI)       1 semester, 10 hours $2,224
Total   260 hours $95,975

Aviation Sciences Program Costs Disclosure

Undergraduate requirements

The FAA requires you meet the following requirements:

  • be at least 17 years old (16 years old for a glider or balloon)
  • be able to read, speak, write and understand English
  • hold a U.S. student, sport or recreational pilot certificate
  • hold a first-class medical certificate.

Because our pilots will become instructors, we require a first-class medical certificate. You also must prove your citizenship and undergo an interview by the instructors. Enrollment is limited. Please familiarize yourself with course expectations by viewing the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Bachelor of Science in Aviation Sciences Degree MAP

Application process

View SFA's admission requirements.

Applying to SFA's aviation sciences program is easy! Visit the Apply to SFA page to complete a first-year application. The cost for applying to SFA is $50. You'll pay this at the end of the application process. Check to see if you qualify for an application fee waiver.

When applying, select "Aviation" as your major.

An email will be sent to all students admitted to SFA showing interest in Aviation Science. The email will contain information on how to complete the secondary application process for the aviation program. Note: Aviation Science is a degree program in high demand. We have more applicants than available seats in the program. Selections will be competitive and based on the requirements laid out in the secondary application process.


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