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The business of making people feel welcome

Did you know that hospitality and tourism has traditionally been the world's largest industry, as well as one of its most diverse? With more than 10 million workers in the United States alone, no other sector even comes close.

Hospitality is a people business with new challenges every day. As you work to make guests and residents feel welcome, you have to think on your feet and be creative, flexible and understanding. No two days are ever alike. Teamwork and leadership are equally important.

There’s also great potential for advancement, and you may even get to travel the world.

If that appeals to you, a degree in hospitality administration may be a good fit, one that opens doors for you around the globe.

Qualified and prepared for a variety of careers

Majoring in Hospitality Administration prepares you for opportunities in the culinary arts, tourism, restaurants/food service, lodging, travel and meeting/special events planning.

The job outlook for many hospitality professions is better than the 5 percent average growth rate for all occupations. For example, from 2018 through 2028, the growth rate for food service managers is expected to be 11 percent; for meeting planners, that figure is expected to be 7 percent.

Faculty with recognized expertise

You’ll learn from faculty whose expertise has been recognized by some of the industry’s best-known organizations. By combining academic excellence with practical, hands-on knowledge, they can provide unique insight into the hospitality industry and help you prepare for a rewarding career. Small classes provide an opportunity for individual attention.

BS in Hospitality Administration

The degree program combines a traditional core curriculum with specialized studies and allows students to focus on an area of interest: culinary, lodging, meeting planning, travel and tourism, or restaurants. Students in hospitality administration get hands-on experience through a 300-hour internship. Additionally, students are required to do six hours of service learning each semester in approved learning opportunities.

  • The major requires 59 hours
  • The focus area requires 18 hours


Minor in hospitality administration

Want to add hospitality to your skill set? Students with majors in other departments may choose a minor of 18 or 19 hours (as indicated by the option), nine of which must be advanced. Minor courses include content from all areas of the hospitality industry.


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