Stephen F. Austin State University

Faculty & Staff

Berthot, Patricia, M.Ed.
Berthot, Patricia, M.Ed. - Lecturer Educational Background: Mrs. Berthot received both her B.S. in Physical Education and her M.Ed. in Physical Education from Stephen F. Austin State University. Office: HPE 205 Phone: 936.468.1567
Berthot spent 2 1/2 years at the High School level teaching Health and Physical Education classes and working as an Athletic Trainer. She then spent 13 years as an Athletic Trainer at Texas A & M. In 2004 Mrs. Berthot stepped into teaching higher education. Mrs. Berthot has a great interest in the field of Athletic Training and athletic injuries.
Bobo, Linda, Ph.D, ATC, LAT, CES, FMS, GTM1/2
Bobo, Linda, Ph.D, ATC, LAT, CES, FMS, GTM1/2 - Professor, GATP Program Director Educational Background: Dr. Bobo completed her B.S. from Northeast Louisiana University, M.Ed. from Northwestern State University and her Ph.D. from the University of Southern Mississippi. Research/Areas of Interest: Effective clinical instruction and the utilization of video feedback. Office: HPE Room 224A Phone: 936.468.1599
Dr. Bobo's professsional activities include serving as a sports medicine volunteer with the United States Olympic Committee and USA Tae Kwon Do and CAATE Site-Visitor for accreditation. She is a recipient of the National Athletic Trainers' Association AT Service Award and the Southwest Athletic Trainers' Association in AT Excellence Award.
Buswell, Deborah, Ph.D.
Buswell, Deborah, Ph.D. - Associate Professor Educational Background: Dr. Buswell received her doctoral degree from Texas Woman's University in Adapted and Developmental Physical Education, her M.S. degree from Baylor University in physical education, and her B.S. degree in physical education from the University of Maine. Research/Areas of Interest: Dr. Buswell's research interests include disability sports, inclusion, and teacher preparation. Office: HPE Room 228A Phone: 936.468.1661
Cegelka, Derek, Ph.D.
Cegelka, Derek, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor Educational Background: Dr. Cegelka received his B.S. in Health Science from Lock Haven University, his MPH from East Stroudsburg University and his Ph.D. in Health Education from The University of Toledo. Research/Areas of Interest: Dr. Cegelka research interests include death and dying, gerontology and sexuality education. Office: HPE 217 Phone: 936.468.2353
Forsse, Jeff - Instructor Office: Annex 105 Phone: 936.468.1817
Goodman, David, M.Ed.
Goodman, David, M.Ed. - Lecturer, Kinesiology Program Coordinator Educational Background: Mr. Goodman received his B.S. in Physical Education from the University of Texas at Arlington. He received his M.S. in Health and Physical Education from Stephen F. Austin State University. Research/Areas of Interest: Training of Physical Education Educators. Office: HPE Room 228 B Phone: 936.468.1885

Mr. Goodman has taught Physical Education and Health for ten years in the public schools, worked seven years in Intramural Sports and Activities at Stephen F. Austin State University and coached at the collegiate level.


Hawkins, Dr. Mary
Hawkins, Dr. Mary - Assistant Professor Educational Background: Dr. Hawkins received her B.S. in biology, two M.Ed. degrees in health and wellness promotion and sports administration from Northwestern State University of Louisiana and her Ph.D. in health science from the University of Arkansas. Research/Areas of Interest: Community and Public Health; disease prevention; active living, program planning, and program evaluation. Office: HPE 214 Phone: 936.468.1610
Hoss-Jameson, Haley, M.F.A.
Hoss-Jameson, Haley, M.F.A. - Associate Professor Educational Background: BS in Theatre with Dance emphasis, minor in Kinesiology from Kansas State University, MFA in Dance from Texas Woman's University. Research/Areas of Interest: Creating balance in one's life through movement, gender equality in the work-place, and civic engagement through the arts. Office: HPE Room 210 Phone: 936.468.1755
Jones, Eric, Ph.D.
Jones, Eric, Ph.D. - Associate Professor, Director, Human Performance Lab Educational Background: Dr. Jones earned his B.S. in Fitness and Sports Medicine from Southeast Missouri State University, and both his M.A. and Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Alabama. Research/Areas of Interest: Environmental Stress, Thermoregulation, Hydration, Muscle Recovery Office: Education Annex Room 107 Phone: 936.468.1864
Joubert, Dustin, Ph.D.
Joubert, Dustin, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor Educational Background: Dr. Joubert earned his B.S. and M.A. in Kinesiology from Sam Houston State University. He received his Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from Texas A & M. Research/Areas of Interest: Endurance Exercise Performance, Blood Pressure and Vascular Health Office: Education Annex Room 104 Phone: 936.468.1380


Lahkani, Marym
Lahkani, Marym - Visiting Lecturer Office: HPE 218 Phone: 936.468.1543
Lemke, Michael Ph.D.
Lemke, Michael Ph.D. - Assistant Professor Educational Background: Dr. Lemke received his B.A. from Georgia State University and his M.A. and Ph. D. from Wichita State University. He completed a two-year postdoc at Texas A&M University. Research/Areas of Interest: Innovative application of complex systems, quantitative, and qualitative approaches to address health disparities. Office: HPE 220 Phone: 936.468.1812


Rice, Sharon - Visiting Lecturer Office: HPE 209 Phone: 936.468.1527
Rowe, James, Ph.D.
Rowe, James, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor Educational Background: Dr. Rowe received his B.S. in Kinesiology from Angelo State University, his M.S. in Exercise Physiology from Texas Christian University and his doctorate in Exercise Physiology from Texas Woman's University. Research/Areas of Interest: Dr. Rowe's research interests include the influence of diet and exercise risk factors for metabolic diseases such as heart disease and diabetics. Office: Education Annex Room 108 Phone: 936.468.7098
Rust, DawnElla M., Ed.D.
Rust, DawnElla M., Ed.D. - Professor Educational Background: Dr. Rust received her B.S. in Community Health from Oklahoma State University, her M.S. in Health and Physical Education from Emporia State University, and her Ed.D. in Health Promotion from Oklahoma State University. Research/Areas of Interest: Dr. Rust's professional goal is to make "healthy" the easy choice through policy, environmental change, and system change. Office: HPE Room 215 Phone: 936.468.1495
Samelson, Heather, M.F.A.
Samelson, Heather, M.F.A. - Assistant Professor Educational Background: BFA and MFA in Dance from Sam Houston State University. Research/Areas of Interest: Specializes in Modern Dance technique, in the Limon style and Choreography. Office: HPE Room 211 Phone: 936.468.1614
Thornton, Jay, Ed.D.
Thornton, Jay, Ed.D. - Department Chair Educational Background: Dr. Thornton earned his B.S. in Kinesiology and M.Ed. in Kinesiology from Stephen F. Austin State University. Dr. Thornton received his Ed.D. from Texas A & M Commerce in Supervision, Curriculum, and Instruction- Higher Education. Research/Areas of Interest: Promoting physical activity, teaching models and outdoor recreation. Office: HPE Room 225 Phone: 936.468.1641

Before teaching in higher education, Dr. Thornton taught in the public school system for 7 years teaching physics, physical science, physical education and coaching athletics.


Watts, Melinda, PhD (TBA), ATC, LAT, FMT
Watts, Melinda, PhD (TBA), ATC, LAT, FMT - Assistant Professor; Clinical Education Coordinator Educational Background: Mrs. Watts completed her B.S. and M.S. from Stephen F. Austin State University, and completed her Ph.D. from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. Research/Areas of Interest: Injury prevention with rodeo athletes Office: HPE Room 221 Phone: 936.468.1721
Whitehead, Robyn, Ph.D. - Visiting Assistant Professor Office: HPE 216 Phone: 936.468.8493
Whitehead, Todd, Ph.D.
Whitehead, Todd, Ph.D. - Associate Professor Educational Background: Dr. Whitehead received his B.S. in Exercise Science, M.S. in Exercise Physiology and Ph.D. in Applied Physiology. All three degrees were completed at the University of Southern Mississippi. Research/Areas of Interest: Ergogenic Supplements, Novel Training Techniques Office: HPE Room 216 Phone: 936.468.1462

Dr. Whitehead has 9 years teaching experience in higher education and includes Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels.


Allen, James - Adjunct Faculty
Courtney, Michael - Adjunct Faculty Phone: 936.468.4599
Eason, Daniel, M.S. - Adjunct Faculty Phone: 936.468.4643
Fenley, Matthew - Adjunct Faculty Phone: 936.468.3501
Kaiser, Kail - Adjunct Faculty Phone: 936.468.3502
Krogen-Morton, Cyndra Phone: 936.468.8292
May, Kailee - Adjunct Faculty Phone: 936.468.6240
Mayol, Jessica - Adjunct Faculty
McDermand, Robert - Adjunct Faculty Phone: 936.468.4429
Miller, Sanford, M.Ed., ATC, LAT - Lecturer Office: HPE Room 213 Phone: 936.468.5497
Mitchell, Danielle - Adjunct Family
Nanez, Rachel - Adjunct Faculty
Pfeiffer, Col.Paul - Adjunct Faculty Office: ROTC Phone: 936.468.4505
Rubin, Kira - Adjunct Faculty Office: SFA field house- Athletic Training Phone: 936.468.5802
Sanchez, Sarah - Adjunct Faculty Office: SGA 102 Phone: 936.468.8493
Sowell, Sally B.S. - Adjunct Faculty Phone: 936.468.3503
Stokes, Gary - Adjunct Faculty Phone: 936.468.3503
Thompson, Jessica - Adjunct Faculty Phone: 936.468.3503
Tucker, Arrie - Adjunct Faculty Phone: 936.468.3503
Turnipseed, Jay - Adjunct Faculty
Volding, Devin Ph.D - Adjunct Faculty Phone: 936.468.3503
Wenger, Mackenzie - Adjunct Faculty
Whitman, Steven - Adjunct Faculty Phone: 936.468.6234


Baker, Rachel - Administrative Assistant Office: Kinesiology & Health Science HPE 204 Phone: 936.468.2283
Moore, Ashley - Administrative Assistant- Kinesiology & Health Science Office: HPE 204 Phone: 936.468.1875
Pistole, David - Manager, Equipment Room Phone: 936.468.3739
Milstead, Trenton - Men's Locker Room Attendant Office: Men's Locker Room Phone: 936.468.4444