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International Student Scholarships

NOTE: Scholarships are not for ELI study. These scholarships are only available once a student has been granted admission into a regular academic program at SFA.

There are several scholarship and financial aid options available to international students.

OIP/SFA International Scholarship - beginning Fall 2020, this scholarship will be awarded in the Fall semesters ONLY

This is awarded to students who will contribute to the increased diversity for international representation at Stephen F. Austin State University. The amount of the scholarship is $1,000 per year. All applicants must show financial need and educational achievement in order to be awarded the scholarship. Students who receive the $1,000 OIP Scholarship are eligible for Texas resident tuition rates, which is about $4,500 less each semester.

In addition to demonstrating financial need and academic excellence, students must also satisfy at least two of the following:


OIP Scholarship Guidelines <--------- Please read before applying

To apply for the scholarship: Complete the Scholarship Application (and any required documents noted) and email to

Evaluations and awarding of this scholarship will be determined by the Office of International Programs.

Preference will be given to degree seeking and full time students.

Pilot 19 Scholarship

As a result of the NAFTA Agreement, two students from Mexico per 1,000 students enrolled at SFA are eligible to pay in-state tuition and fees. Students accepted into this financial aid program must sign a financial need statement. (For example, with 11,000 students at SFA, 22 students from Mexico would be entitled to receive this tuition waiver.)

Good Neighbor Scholarship

The Texas Legislature enacted a law that awards 10 scholarships to students from every country south of the United States (except Cuba) and Canada. In addition, 30 scholarships are awarded to students from Peru and Mexico. Students must have been accepted into a Texas university by March 1. Then the university submits names to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, which awards the scholarships. Recipients do not pay state tuition for fall, spring and summer following the award made in May. Recipients must intend to return to the eligible country upon completion of the program of study. Students interested in applying for the Good Neighbor Scholarship may contact our office for further information. Application packets are generally received by OIP in February of each year.

Other scholarships

See Scholarship Awards in the General Bulletin for other scholarships, such as Community College Transfer Scholarship, for which international students may be eligible.

TPEG Grant

The TPEG Grant currently not available.

Important Scholarship Disclaimer

Note: International or nonresident students who hold competitive scholarships of at least $1,000 for an academic year are entitled to pay resident tuition and fees provided they compete with other students, including Texas residents, for the scholarship. The scholarship must be awarded by a scholarship committee officially recognized by the university. The waiver of non-resident fees is available only during the period covered by the scholarship. (Grants, such as TPEG, will not qualify for in-state tuition.)