Stephen F. Austin State University

Withdrawing from a Program

Withdrawal and Refunds

• Requests to withdraw from a study abroad program or exchange are to be made in writing (email notification is acceptable) to the SFA Study Abroad Office as soon as the decision is made.

• Any request to withdraw must come directly from the student and include the student's name, student ID#, program provider name, program title, program location, and date.

• Students must also notify the program provider or sponsor of the decision to withdraw following the guidelines set forth by the program.

• Students should notify their Academic Advisor of their withdrawal and for assistance with registration for replacement classes at SFA if necessary. Students should be aware that the courses available to them for the semester may be limited due to the late date of their subsequent registration.

• Financial aid recipients must notify the Financial Aid Office of their withdrawal. Students may be required to repay some or all of their aid award depending on the date of withdrawal.

• Students who must withdraw from a study abroad program due to emergency or illness should contact the SFA Study Abroad Office for assistance and instructions as soon as possible.

• Students who are dismissed from their study abroad program will receive no academic credit for their courses abroad and are subject to judicial sanction upon return to SFA depending upon the circumstances of the dismissal.

• Students who withdraw prior to departure may be responsible for program costs already incurred on their behalf by the University or the program sponsor. For faculty-led, the program deposit and the application fee are not refundable. For other programs, please check policy refunds of your provider.

• Students who are dismissed from their study abroad programs are not eligible for refund and are subject to additional expenses depending upon the circumstances of the dismissal.

Special Information for Faculty-led Programs

Besides the above cancellation and refund guidelines, the following applies to SFA Faculty-led programs:

• The program fees paid to the Study Abroad Program account DO NOT pay for my SFA tuition & fees.

• The program application fee and program deposit ($500) are nonrefundable unless I am not accepted into the program or the program does not operate for lack of adequate enrollment or has to be cancelled.

• SFA reserves the right to cancel programs in case of insufficient participation or for other reasons deemed appropriate. SFA also reserves the right to make changes to the program (such as program leader or provider) or alterations in the program's proposed schedule and itinerary. If the program, or any portion of the program, should be cancelled, SFA will make every effort to retrieve any recoverable costs. Unrecoverable expenses cannot be refunded. SFA shall have no responsibility beyond the refund of all deposits made and monies paid to SFA by participants. Minor alterations in the program will not result in refunds.

• SFA reserves the right to adjust the program cost due to fluctuations in the exchange rate of the dollar and/or to low program enrollment (All program costs are based on the minimum number of students noted in the program brochure).

• Any leftover funds will be returned to the students or, if individual refunds would be less than 5% of program cost, the leftover will remain in SFA's budget to be used to support future SFA programs. and well-being.