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University Procurement Cards

The P-Card program provides a more efficient, cost-effective method for paying for supplies and small items in amounts not exceeding $3,000. The P-Card is not intended to avoid or bypass appropriate purchasing procedures or bidding requirements. All purchases must be made in accordance with University Policy 17.11 Procurement Card

The P-Card is to be used for official University business purposes only and may not be used for ANY personal transactions.

The P-Card is issued in the employee's name. The Cardholder (employee) is responsible and accountable for the security and documentation associated with the use of the SFA Procurement Card.

All cardholders will be added to a P-Card ListServ through which updates and changes will be posted.

Procurement Card Coordinator

For more questions about the university's procurement card program, check out the FAQs or contact the Procurement Card Coordinator:

Chris Harkness X4353

F.A.S.T Forum

November 28, 2017

PowerPoint Presentation

P-Card Quick Reference Guide

P-Card Transaction Summary: This is a tool to help document P-Card transactions.

Food Form: This is a tool to help document Food Purchases.


Request a P-Card

Complete the Cardholder Application/Approval form and forward to the P-Card Program Coordinator. The Cardholder and the Department Head must sign the application. The card should be received in 5-7 days.

All Cardholders must attend P-Card Procedures training.Banner P-Card access is needed if detailing the p-card.

Banner Access Request Form (Fax to 1117)

Go to myTraining to schedule P-Card Procedures training. P-Card Detailing Training is also required if cardholder will be doing their own transaction detailing.

Vendor Hold Search

For purchases that exceed $500 you must identify the vendor and verify their State of Texas warrant hold status. Go to the Texas Comptroller HERE to look up vendors or by contacting the P-Card Coordinator. The P-Card Coordinator will inform all cardholders of vendors found to be on hold with the state that are commonly paid using the P-Card.

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