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Handbook of Operating Procedures
01-101 Handbook of Operating Procedures Administration  
01-201 Administrative Officers  
01-202 Authority to Act in the Absence of the President  
01-301 Access to University Records  
01-302 Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities  
01-303 Distinguished Guests  
01-304 Institutional Effectiveness  
01-305 Nondiscrimination  
01-306 Records Management  
01-307 Title IX  
Audit and Compliance
01-401 Compliance  
01-402 Conflicts of Interest, Conflicts of Commitment, and Outside Activities  
01-403 Dishonest or Fraudulent Activities  
01-404 Institutional Conflicts of Interest  
01-405 Internal Audit  
Faculty and Academics
Academic Affairs
02-101 Academic Unit Head--Responsibilities, Selection, and Evaluation  
02-102 Class Attendance  
02-103 Commencement  
02-104 Course Scheduling and Room Assignment  
02-105 Designation of School Status  
02-106 Establishing Centers Institutes and Specialized Testing or Service Laboratories  
02-107 File Maintenance for Faculty Personnel Files  
02-108 Final Exam Scheduling and Dead Week  
02-109 Performance Review of Officers Reporting to the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs  
02-110 Professional Educators Council  
02-111 Selection of Academic Deans  
02-112 Textbook Adoption Timeline  
Academic Programs and Degrees
02-201 Awarding of Posthumous Degrees/Certificates of Commendation  
02-202 Academic Program Review  
02-203 Certificate Programs  
02-204 Continuing Education  
02-205 Course Fees  
02-206 Course Grades  
02-207 Credit and Contact Hours  
02-208 Curriculum Reviews, Modifications, and Approvals  
02-209 Development Education and Texas Success Initiative  
02-210 Discontinuance of a Program or Academic Unit  
02-211 Doctoral Students: Allowable Credit Hours and Completion Times  
02-212 English Proficiency of Faculty  
02-213 Extra-Institutional Learning Experiences in the BAAS Degree  
02-214 In-Residence Requirement  
02-215 Minimum Course Enrollments  
02-216 Off-Campus Credit Courses  
02-217 Out-of-State Course Delivery  
02-218 Second Baccalaureate Degrees  
02-219 Substantive Change  
02-301 Academic and Professional Qualifications/Terminal Degrees  
02-302 Academic Appointments and Titles  
02-303 Academic Freedom and Responsibility  
02-304 Academic Promotion of Full-Time Faculty  
02-305 Adjunct Faculty Performance Evaluation  
02-306 Distance Education Faculty Competencies and Compensation  
02-307 Emeritus Status and Honorary Degrees  
02-308 Faculty Code of Conduct  
02-309 Faculty Development Leave  
02-310 Faculty Disagreements  
02-311 Faculty Search  
02-312 Faculty Workload  
02-313 Meeting and Conducting Classes  
02-314 Misconduct in Scholarly or Creative Activities  
02-315 Part-Time Academic Appointments  
02-316 Performance Evaluation of Faculty  
02-317 Purchased Instructor-Generated Materials  
02-318 Reproduction of Copyright Works by Educators and Librarians  
02-319 Summer Teaching Appointments  
02-320 Tenure and Continued Employment  
Research and Intellectual Property
02-401 Compensation from Grants, Contracts, and Other Sponsored Agreements  
02-402 Effort Reporting and Certification for Sponsored Activities  
02-403 Export Control  
02-404 Facilities and Administrative (Indirect) Cost Recovery, Distribution and Use  
02-405 Financial Conflicts of Interest in Sponsored Activities  
02-406 Fixed Price Awards  
02-407 Grants and Contracts Administration  
02-408 Human Research Subjects Protection  
02-409 Intellectual Property  
02-410 Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)  
02-411 Misconduct in Federally Funded Research  
02-412 Payments to Human Research Subjects  
02-413 Recombinant DNA and/or Infectious Biohazards in Teaching and Research  
02-414 Research Enhancement Program  
02-415 Texas Comprehensive Research Fund  
Human Resources
03-101 AIDS and HIV  
03-102 Reporting of Abuse, Exploitation, or Neglect of Elderly Persons or Persons with Disabilities  
Employment and Volunteering
03-201 Administrative and Professional Staff  
03-202 Consensual Relationships  
03-203 Employee Affirmative Action/Recruitment Plan  
03-204 Employee Terminations and Transfers  
03-205 Employment of Persons with Criminal History  
03-206 Employment Preference for Veterans and Foster Children  
03-207 Fair Labor Standards  
03-208 Nepotism  
03-209 Performance Management Plan  
03-210 Probationary Period of Employment  
03-211 Reduction in Force of Staff and Non-Tenure Track Employees  
03-212 Retirement and Modified Service  
03-213 Return to Work  
03-214 Security-Sensitive Positions  
03-215 Selective Service Registration  
03-216 Staff Employment  
03-217 Telecommuting Arrangements for Staff Employees  
03-218 Temporary Employment  
03-219 Volunteer Workers  
03-220 Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage  
03-221 Working Hours and Holidays  
Employee Relations
03-301 Authorization for University President to Suspend Faculty and Staff  
03-302 Employee Training and Development  
03-303 Lumberjack Education Assistance Program  
03-304 Discipline and Discharge  
03-305 Employee Grievances  
03-306 New Employee Orientation  
03-307 Reasonable Workplace Accommodations  
03-308 University Awards Programs  
03-309 Wellness Release Time  
03-310 Workplace Accommodations for Lactation and Breastfeeding  
Wage and Salary Administration
03-401 Additional Compensation  
03-402 Establishing Compensation for Highly Compensated Personnel  
03-403 Faculty Compensation  
03-404 Faculty Merit Pay  
03-405 Institutional Classified Pay Plan  
03-406 Longevity Pay and Hazardous Duty Pay  
03-407 Overtime and Compensatory Time  
03-408 Time Reporting non-exempt Employees  
Leave Administration
03-501 Family and Medical Leave  
03-502 Family Leave Pool  
03-503 Leaves of Absence and Miscellaneous Leave  
03-504 Organized Work Stoppage  
03-505 Sick Leave  
03-506 Sick Leave Pool  
03-507 Vacation Leave  
04-101 Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities  
04-102 Academic Probation, Suspension, and Reinstatement for Undergraduates  
04-103 Adding and Dropping Courses  
04-104 Advance Placement Guidelines  
04-105 Appeal Procedure Relating to the Provision of Accommodations for Students with Disabilities  
04-106 Code of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity  
04-107 Early Registration Priority  
04-108 FERPA Policy  
04-109 Final Course Grade Appeals by Students  
04-110 Institutional Absences  
04-111 Involuntary Withdrawal  
04-112 Military Service Activation  
04-113 Missing Student Notification  
04-114 Prohibition on Enrollment Inducement of Students Utilizing Military Benefits  
04-115 Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid Recipients  
04-116 Student Advising  
04-117 Student Employment  
04-118 Student Evaluation of Instruction  
04-119 Student Fiscal Appeals  
04-120 Student Internships  
04-121 Student Medical Appeals  
04-122 Student Organization Formation and Recognition  
04-123 Student Publications  
04-124 Student Service Fee Allocations  
04-125 Student Travel  
04-126 Tuition Rebate  
04-127 Withdrawal Without Financial Clearance  
04-201 Administration of Scholarships  
04-202 Domestic Undergraduate Admission  
04-203 Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment Programs  
04-204 Graduate Admission and Assistantships  
04-205 Meningitis Vaccine  
04-206 Provisional Admission of Undergraduate Students  
04-207 Transfer of Undergraduate Credit  
Business, Fiscal, Facilities
05-101 Disposition of Abandoned Personal Property  
05-102 Financial Aid Code of Conduct  
05-103 Financial Exigency  
05-104 Gifts, Prizes, and Awards  
05-105 Mail Services  
05-106 Travel  
05-107 Travel Card (T-Card)  
Cash and Accounting
05-201 Direct Pay Disbursements  
05-202 Discretionary Use of University Funds  
05-203 Expenditure Authority for Financial Transactions  
05-204 Moving Expenses  
05-205 Payment Card Acceptance and Security  
05-206 Post Bond Insurance Federal Tax Compliance  
05-207 Prompt Payment to Vendors  
05-208 Receipts and Deposits  
05-209 Returned Payments  
05-210 Student and Non-Student Accounts Receivable  
05-211 Trusteed Funds  
05-212 Tuition Set-Aside Funds Programs  
Procurement and Property Management
05-301 Best Value Procurement  
05-302 Contracting and Purchasing Authority  
05-303 Entertainment and Official Functions  
05-304 Historically Underutilized Businesses  
05-305 Procurement Card (P-Card)  
05-306 Property Inventory and Management  
05-307 Property Liability  
05-308 Year-End Purchasing  
Facilities and Grounds
05-401 Animals on Campus  
05-402 Camps and Conferences  
05-403 Expressive Activities  
05-404 General Facilities Management  
05-405 Juanita Curry Boynton House  
05-406 Parking Services  
05-407 Physical Plant Services  
05-408 Skating, Skateboarding and Motorized Scooters  
05-409 Solicitation on Campus  
05-410 Sustainability Practices  
05-411 Tailgating  
05-412 Transportation Services  
05-413 Use of University Facilities  
05-414 Vending  
Health and Safety
05-501 Annual Disclosure of Crime Statistics  
05-502 Asbestos Management  
05-503 Youth Protection  
05-504 Children in the Workplace  
05-505 Drug and Alcohol Testing  
05-506 Emergency Operations  
05-507 Environmental Management  
05-508 Fire and Life Safety  
05-509 Firearms, Explosives and Ammunition  
05-510 Health and Safety  
05-511 Identification Cards  
05-512 Illicit Drugs and Alcohol Abuse  
05-513 Public Health Policy  
05-514 Radioactive or Radiation-producing Materials or Equipment  
05-515 Risk Management  
05-516 Security Systems  
05-517 Smoking Vaping and Use of Tobacco Products  
05-518 Timely Warning  
05-519 Training and Certification of University Vehicle Operators  
05-520 University Closure for Inclement Weather and Other Emergencies  
05-521 Use of Alcoholic Beverages  
05-601 Affiliated Organizations and Advisory Councils  
05-602 Managing Endowments  
05-603 Solicitation, Acceptance, Processing, and Management of Gifts  
Marketing Communication
05-701 Email for University Communications  
05-702 Mobile Device Applications  
05-703 News Releases and Media Contract  
05-704 Social Media  
05-705 University Letterhead and Email Signatures  
05-706 University Logo and Seal  
05-707 University Publications, Mass Email and Webpages  
05-708 University Website  
Information Technology and Security
06-101 Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources  
06-102 Cellular Telephones and Wireless Communication Devices  
06-103 Digital Millennium Copyright  
06-104 Electronic Signatures  
06-105 Security and Identity Theft Prevention Program  
06-106 Information Security Incident Response and Reporting  
06-107 Information Security Management  
06-108 Wireless Networking