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NumberNameReview date
01-307Title IXOctober 2023
02-101Academic Unit Head – Responsibilities, Selection, and EvaluationOctober 2023
02-207Credit and Contact HoursJanuary 2024
02-302Academic Appointments and TitlesDecember 2023
02-304Academic Promotion of Full-Time FacultyMay 2024
02-307Emeritus and Honorary DegreeMay 2024
02-316Performance Evaluation of FacultyMarch 2024
02-320Tenure and Continued EmploymentDecember 2023
02-413Recombinant DNA and/or Infectious Biohazards in Teaching and ResearchJune 2024
 PROPOSED On-campus Living and Meal Plan RequirementJune 2024
03-403Faculty CompensationFebruary 2024
04-106Code of Student Conduct and Academic IntegrityOctober 2023
05-601Affiliated Organizations and Advisory CouncilsOctober 2023
 PROPOSED Phased Faculty RetirementJanuary 2024
05-707University Publications, Mass Email and WebpagesFebruary 2024
 PROPOSED Mass EmailsFebruary 2024
 PROPOSED Predatory JournalsMarch 2024
New, Deleted or Revised Policies
01-101Handbook of Operating Procedures AdministrationMay 2024Revised
02-108Final Exam Scheduling and Dead WeekMay 2024Revised
04-110Institutional AbsencesMay 2024Revised
04-128Student Pregnancy and Parenting NondiscriminationJanuary 2024New
05-403Expressive ActivitiesJune 2024Revised
05-405Juanita Curry Boynton HouseMay 2024Revised
05-406Parking ServicesMay 2024Revised
05-504Children in the WorkplaceMay 2024Revised