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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a p-card?

If you don't have banner access you will need to fill out:

To request a P-Card fill out a P-Card Application Form

Before you can be issued a P-Card you will need to register for the P-Card class(es) through myTraining.

Can I pay membership dues with my p-card?

Changes to Policy C-17 went into effect July 2012

  • Memberships purchased with LOCAL FUNDS may be made with a p-card
  • Memberships purchased with STATE FUNDS CAN NOT be made with a p-card, but MUST BE SUBMITTED on a requisition. VP approval is an automatic part of the Banner requisition approval process for memberships
I'm having trouble logging in to Banner.
For Banner log in and access questions or lock outs please contact Cathy Rhodes, ext 1377.
How do I increase or decrease my p-card encumbrance?
Email the P-Card Coordinator with the amount to increase or decrease along with the Fund-Org-Program.
What are HEF funds?
HEF funds are "Higher Education Funds or Instructional Capital". Use of these funds must be only for the purchase of equipment including books and videos, software, etc. Examples of HEF fund numbers are: 130472, 130471, 92xxxx, 943xxx, 96xxxx.
I'm having trouble logging in to print my on-line statement.
The cardholder must call Citibank (1-800-248-4553, select option 1) to reset password.