Stephen F. Austin State University

Registration Process Information

The Registration Department of the Office of the Registrar provides assistance to the student in the use of the on-line system during the registration process. For questions regarding registration, call (936) 468-1370. For full instructions concerning registration, refer to the Important Deadlines.

BEFORE You Register for Classes

  1. Contact your advisor.
  2. Clear all active registration HOLDS.

    Students may not be clear to register if they have a hold with any university department. You can check for holds by logging into your mySFA and selecting the Registration tab.

    The holds listed below are some of the more common holds. There are other holds that can be placed on your student account. The office that places the hold is the only office that can remove it. The Registrar's Office cannot remove any of the below holds. You will need to contact the office that has placed the hold.

    Office Placing Hold Reason Consequence
    Business Office (A/R) Financial Obligation Not able to register
    Stops the ability to receive an offical transcript
    Dean's Office Academic Issues (i.e., Probation/Suspension Holds) Not able to register
    Department Advising Not able to register
    Admissions Office Meningitis Immunization Record Not able to register

    Failure to pay your bill could result in the loss of your classes. Students are encouraged to access account information over the Internet at mySFA. Students may also contact the Business Office at (936) 468-6960 concerning their financial obligation. It is the student's responsibility to contact the Business Office concerning billing information and payment deadlines.
  3. Review the Important Deadlines for the appropriate semester.
  4. If you plan on taking any online classes, review the Online Classes listing.
  5. Review the Electronic Class Schedule to obtain class meeting time, place and instructor information.

Course Program of Study (CPOS)

For questions concerning Course Program of Study (CPOS) and how your financial aid is affected, click here.