Stephen F. Austin State University

Calculating GPA

An online calculator is available for your use in estimating your GPA. Please note that this is only an estimate, this will not reflect your official GPA.

Manual GPA Calculation

  1. Write down each course the student is registered for and the number of hours each course is worth. Add the number of hours together. This is the total number of GPA hours.
  2. Write down what grade the student thinks they will receive next to each one.
  3. For each course, calculate the quality points by multiplying the number of hours for a course by the expected grade's numerical value:
    1. A = 4
    2. B = 3
    3. C = 2
    4. D = 1
    5. F = 0
  4. Add the number of quality points together. This is the total number of quality points.
  5. Divide the total number of quality points by the total number of GPA hours. This is your GPA.

Disclaimer: The GPA generated by the online calculator and the equation given above may not accurately reflect your term GPA as it does not include important factors such as grades for repeated classes. Your official SFA term and cumulative GPA is included on your unofficial transcript, which may be accessed through mySFA.