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Withdrawal FAQ's


What is the difference between a drop and a withdrawal?

A drop occurs when a student removes themself (web-drop) from one or more courses that he/she is registered for. For example, if the student is registered for 5 courses, but decides that he/she only needs 3 of the courses, the student can go into their mySFA and web-drop the course. If it is after the drop date, which can be found on the calendar and schedule of deadlines, the student would need to come into the Registrar's office in order to drop those courses.

A withdrawal means that the student is removing all courses that they registered for in the semester. This would mean the student would no longer be registered for any courses at SFA for that semester. Before classes begin students can drop all courses online. After the first class day students must come into the Registrar's office with a photo ID in order to withdraw from the semester.

What is the Course Drop and Withdrawal Policy?

Are there financial aid implications?

To determine how withdrawing from school will affect your eligibility to receive financial aid, check with a financial aid counselor in room 104 of the Austin building.

Withdrawing from school this semester may prevent a student from receiving financial aid in future terms even if the student is not now receiving or has never previously received financial aid

Are there veteran's benefits implications?

To determine how dropping a course or withdrawing from school will affect your veteran's benefits, please contact your VA representative.

VA Certifying Official
The Office of Admissions
Box 13051, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, TX 75962-3051