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MUV Safety Training

MUV Training Program is mandatory for all staff, faculty and students that drive motorized utility vehicles at any time on campus (electric, gas and diesel powered carts, mules, gators and golf carts). An MUV driver carrying card, valid for three years, will be issued within 3-5 business days once training is complete. Remember, you are not required to take the MUV training if your card is still valid.

MUV Safety Training Program Instructions:

a) Locate the EHSRM website at

b) Left side of the webpage under Training Programs click "Training" then click on the "MUV Training" Link.

c) Read the program and understand all the important safety components and instructions to operating a motorized utility vehicle on campus.

d) Take special note of section X - COMPLIANCE and the consequences of non-compliance.

f) Complete the highlighted area at the end of the training program and click Submit.

g) The information will be sent to the Safety Office and your participation in the training program will be recorded and a carrying card issued.

h) Print a copy of the acknowledgement to carry with you until you receive the carrying card certifying you are authorized to operate an MUV on campus.


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