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College Campus Fire Safety

The Texas State Fire Marshal's Offices recommends college students living away from home to take a few minutes to make sure they are living in a fire-safe environment.

While the Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management department upholds the Fire and Life Safety Policy and Procedures for the University, students living off campus should take precaution in selecting their housing.

Apartment Safety Checklist:

You may have found an apartment in your price range and desired location, but be sure to take a few minutes to check its fire safety features.

1. Does it have a sprinkler system?
Fire sprinklers not only detect a fire, they also respond immediately while the fire is still small. They often put out the fire before the fire department arrives.

2. Does it have smoke alarms?
They should be in the living areas, hallways, and each bedroom. Make sure they're working, and test them monthly. You're responsible for replacing the batteries after you move in. If the apartment has an attached garage, a fireplace, or uses natural gas or propane, ask about getting a carbon monoxide detector.

3. Are there two ways out?
Have an escape plan and practice it so you can do it in your sleep. In many apartments, the only secondary exit is a window, so a first floor unit is better for fire safety.