Stephen F. Austin State University

SFA 101

Why SFA 101 is important

It is important that students understand what they need to do to be successful in college and to ensure continued success in their professional careers. SFA 101 is designed to assist first-semester students as they adjust to their new social environment, an increased level of independence and individual responsibility, and new academic demands. SFA 101 promotes active learning, personal growth and achievement.

SFA 101 really does make a difference!

It is an established fact that students who take SFA 101 tend to stay in college longer, have higher GPAs, and are more actively involved in campus life. Many academically able students lose focus and drop out of college - SFA 101 can make the difference between success and failure.

Topics covered in SFA 101 include:

SFA 101 has quality instructors and student instructors

The finest faculty and staff are chosen to teach this course. SFA 101 instructors and student instructors become great resources for linking you to many other resources that can help make your college days a positive experience. Student Instructors are junior or senior students who work with the class. They are here to help YOU SUCCEED!

How do you register for SFA 101?

During orientation, tell your faculty advisor that you want to register for SFA 101. Your advisor will list SFA 101 on your advisor slip. When you register, simply request the course CRN # of the section of SFA 101 you want.

SFA 101:?