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Become a Teaching Assistant

Student success seminar

Teaching assistants for the New-Lumberjack Experience courses serve as role models, resources and leaders for new Lumberjacks. These SFAS 1101 TAs work alongside the instructors to help students get involved on campus, feel prepared in the classroom, create a sense of belonging and make a successful transition to the Lumberjack community.

Benefits of being a TA

It's a paid position!

Receive compensation for five hours per week ($7.25 per hour). This will be paid bimonthly through SFA's payroll department.

Develop your personal leadership style and strengths

In your role as an SFAS 1101 TA, you can take advantage of opportunities to identify, develop and demonstrate leadership and communication skills, including:

  • critical thinking/problem solving
  • teamwork/collaboration
  • global/intercultural competency
  • and communication/facilitation.

These skills will help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

Serve the Lumberjack Family

A constant point of contact for your students every week throughout their first term at SFA, you'll help to ensure they feel like they're part of the Lumberjack Family and have the tools to succeed.

Expand your network

You'll establish positive connections with new Lumberjacks and SFA faculty and staff. This will allow you to develop mutually beneficial relationships and expose you to a diverse network of professionals within our campus community.

Responsibilities and commitments

SFAS 1101 course sections have no more than 25 students and meet weekly for an hour and 20 minutes, usually split into two 50-minute class sessions. You'll be assigned to a section based on your availability once you've registered for the term.

Being an SFAS 1101 TA means you must meet the following expectations:

  • Commit to serving as an SFAS 1101 TA for the duration of the course term.
  • Complete required training workshops.
  • Commit to working three to five hours per week during the term.
  • Demonstrate The SFA Way.
  • Develop rapport and a safe relationship with students.
  • Assist individual students as needed, including:
    • following up with students who miss class
    • and making referrals to appropriate resources for issues that are beyond your scope of expertise.
  • Meet one-on-one with each student in your section at least once during the term.
  • Meet weekly with your instructor to coordinate and plan course components.

Minimum requirements

During the term in which you'd like to be an SFAS 1101 TA, you must:

  • be a junior, senior, or graduate-level student
  • be enrolled in 12 hours or more
  • be in good academic and disciplinary standing
  • have one or more additional terms required for your degree (For example: you cannot plan to graduate at the end of the term.)
  • and have a 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA.

Desired characteristics

We are looking for SFAS 1101 TAs who are capable of relating to and developing classroom rapport with a diverse group of students. Applicants should show a genuine interest in mentoring new students and have the ability to demonstrate vulnerability as it relates to sharing helpful insight to the first-year experience. You also should have an awareness of involvement opportunities, campus resources and student-support services.

Application and selection process

  1. For fall 2022 consideration, complete your online employment application. Your application will be reviewed by the Student Success Center.
  2. Applicants selected for a TA position will be contacted and sent the Student Instructor Packet.
  3. Applicants must submit completed Student Instructor Packet and finish required trainings.

Do you know a student who would be an excellent TA? 

If you know a student who would be an excellent fit for this role, complete the SFAS 1101 TA Recommendation Form!

Have questions about the New-Lumberjack Experience?

Lydia Richardson, coordinator
p: 936.468.5803

Contact the Student Success Center

p: 936.468.5803
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