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If you're not completely exempt from taking the Texas Success Initiative Assessment, you must arrange for assessment testing and submit your results to the Student Success Center.

First-year students must submit their scores or proof of exemption to the Student Success Center before attending Lumberjack Orientation. Include your SFA campus ID to ensure processing is completed.

Taking the TSI Assessment

You may choose to practice before taking the TSI Assessment by visiting the College Board's ACCUPLACER TSIA2 Learning Resources website.

If you've already taken the TSI Assessment and would like to retest, enter the Learning Locator Code from your score report and select "Go." You'll be redirected to skill-building activities specific to your target areas.

Step 1: Complete the required pre-assessment activity

You'll need to complete the online Pre-Assessment Activity for the TSI Assessment 2.0 and receive your certificate of completion.

You cannot proceed without this certificate. If you misplace the certificate and delete the email in which your certificate was sent to you, obtain another copy through your practice app account.

Note: Some testing locations require a printed version of your certificate. You'll need to take the printed certificate with you to those locations; they are not able to print it for you.

Step 2: Take the TSI Assessment

You can choose from four options for assessment testing locations:

Testing at your high school

Ask your high school counselor if TSI Assessment testing is administered at your high school. When available, this is often the easiest option to schedule.

This option is usually free.

Testing at your local college

Contact the testing center of your local college to ask about availability in your area. You'll need to take your printed certificate of completion to your testing appointment.

Testing vouchers: If your testing site requires a testing voucher, contact SFA's Testing Services at 936.468.3958 to obtain a voucher for the section(s) in which the voucher is needed.

The testing fee varies with this option. 

Testing online through Examity

A secure online proctoring service, Examity allows you to take your TSI Assessment at any time, day or night. For students who reside outside Texas, this is the best option to pursue.

You must have access to a desktop/laptop, equipped with a webcam and microphone on a secure internet connection; this option is not available on phones or tablet devices. Additional requirements are available on the Examity website.

The testing fee varies with this option. SFA's Testing Services fee will be charged to your eBill, and you pay your Examity's proctoring fee on the Examity website when you schedule your assessment.

To proceed with this option, follow the steps below:

  1. Forward your pre-assessment activity certificate of completion to and request a Virtual Remote Voucher. You must indicate you want to test through Examity to receive the correct voucher.
  2. Complete and return the informational questionnaires to SFA's Testing Services to receive the requested voucher.
  3. Visit the Examity website and create an account after you receive your voucher from SFA's Testing Services.

Once you create your Examity account, you'll be able to schedule a TSI Assessment testing session, pay the proctoring fee and take the assessment. 

Testing at SFA

If you're unable to schedule an assessment test through the options above, contact SFA's Testing Services at 936.468.3958 to make an appointment for on-campus testing. You'll need to take your printed certificate of completion to your testing appointment.

The testing fee varies with this option. SFA's Testing Services fee will be charged to your eBill.

Step 3: Send your scores to the Student Success Center

We don't receive your scores automatically. It is your responsibility to submit any initial and retesting scores. Your scores must be verified by the TSI coordinator before you can register for classes.

After you've completed the TSI Assessment, visit College Board's ACCUPLACER Student Portal website to access your scores. Your name, birthdate, date of testing and all scores must be visible on the documentation you send to

TSIA 2 benchmark scores

Assessments taken Jan. 11, 2021 and later
  • Math 950 or less than 950 + 6 Diagnostic
  • Reading/Writing 945 + 5 Essay or less than 945 + 5 Diagnostic + 5 Essay
Assessments taken before Jan. 11, 2021
  • Math 350
  • Reading 351
  • Writing 340 + 4 Essay or 5 Essay

TSI Assessment scores expire five years after the testing date.

Are your scores below passing?

Completing TSI requirements through coursework

If your TSI Assessment scores are below passing, you'll need to enroll in specific foundational/support classes. These are designed to help you improve your proficiency in mathematics and/or reading and writing. You must remain enrolled in the TSI-focused classes until you show college readiness by successfully completing the coursework.

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