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Testing and Certification Requirements

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A certificate in your specific field of education is a stamp of approval that you’ve met certain standards of training, experience and professional conduct. To teach in a public school in the state of Texas, you’ll need a teaching certificate. SFA supports a variety of certification programs for students in the Department of Education Studies.

Important: If you are seeking a teacher certification, you will also need to meet certain academic/degree requirements. Be sure to discuss your degree plan with your advisor early in your time at SFA, especially if you’re a transfer candidate or if you’re interested in attending summer school.

Education Studies


  • Core Subjects EC-6 #391
  • Science of Teaching Reading #293
  • edTPA

4-8 Middle Level Grades

  • Science of Teaching Reading #293 *for Core Subjects and English Language Arts candidates only
  • One of the following content area exams
    • Core Subjects 4-8 #211
    • English Language Arts and Reading 4-8 #217
    • Mathematics 4-8 #115
    • Social Studies 4-8 #118
    • Science 4-8 #116
  • edTPA

Secondary education

The Secondary Education program offers secondary or EC-12 certification through coursework or a minor in secondary education. Students may seek certification through coursework if their major does not accept the minor in secondary education. To receive certification in a secondary education area, you must complete the relevant exam below.

Secondary Certification Areas

  • One of the following content area exams:
    • English Language Arts & Reading 7-12 #231
    • Mathematics 7-12 #235
    • Social Studies 7-12 #232
    • History 7-12 #233
    • Physical Science 7-12 #237
    • Life Science 7-12 #238
    • Chemistry 7-12 #240
    • Agriculture Food and Natural Resources 6-12 #272
    • Dance 6-12 #279
    • Speech 7-12 #129
  • edTPA

All-Level Certification Areas

  • One of the following content area exams:
    • Art EC-12 #178
    • Health EC-12 #157
    • Music EC-12 #177
    • Physical Education EC-12 #158
    • Theatre EC-12 #180
  • edTPA

Special education

  • Special Education EC-12 #161
  • Candidates are encouraged to complete a content area exam 
  • edTPA

Deaf and hard of hearing

  • Texas Assessment of Sign Communication (TASC) #072
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing EC-12 #181
  • Candidates are encouraged to complete a content area exam
  • edTPA

Visual impairment

  • Braille #183
  • Visually Impaired #182

Orientation and mobility

  • Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist available through Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation & Education Professionals

Certification FAQs

What are the certification application requirements?

To be recommended for a certificate, you’ll need to verify the following:

  • All coursework completed
  • All grades posted
  • Degree conferred on final transcript – please note, this may take up to three weeks from your graduation
  • Field experience completed (student teaching or internship on probationary certificate for students with bachelors' degrees)
  • Certification tests completed for specific certificate
  • Payment to the Texas Education Agency for the certificate and fingerprint check
  • Passing score  on the TExES testing.  Do not apply for your certificate until you have passed your TExES testing!
  • An online application submitted to the Texas Education Agency

What is the application deadline?

There are three different dates to apply for certificates, depending on your expected graduation:

  • December graduates may begin applying November 1st
  • May graduates may begin applying April 1st
  • August graduates may begin applying July 1st

How can I apply for a Probationary Certificate?

The state of Texas offers a probationary certificate option to students who have secured an internship mandated by program requirements but have not yet passed all exams for a standard teaching certificate. Good for one year, this temporary license assures any school district that the intern is on track to finish all education and testing requirements for a standard certificate.

Please contact the Certification Officer for documentation required prior to recommendation at


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